how fast is standard shipping at

  1. If I order something today, do you think I'd have it by this weekend? I've never ordered online before, only purchased at the store. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. 3-5 business days. You most likely will have it by the weekend. When you place the order, you will get a tracking number so you can see how your shipment progresses.
  3. haven't ordered yet. I'm just debating on whether to pay the extra for the next step up before I place my order. I'd like to have it by friday since I won't be home to get it Saturday.....decisions decisions. lol
  4. how does it normally come? Fedex, ups, or usps? thanks again :smile:
  5. My last order took two days to even leave the warehouse. I took about 6 business days (plus the weekend) to arrive. I don't know if that is normal, but I found it to be a little slow.
  6. Fedex. So they don't deliver on Sat.
  7. well that makes a whole lot of difference. I'll go with standard (which is free right now....). Thanks!
  8. That was very sloooooooooooowww!!
  9. Depends, on two occasions items I ordered over the weekend were not mailed TILL WEd. and they arrived Fri, but only because I had 2-day shipping.

    In most cases I have gotten my items on THursday with a Monday ship on standard shipping.