How fast is BalNY's shipping?

  1. Just fast is their shipping, and who do they use?

  2. They ship same day if you order by early afternoon, use UPS.
  3. If you can stand the wait, UPS ground shipping is free for orders over a certain amount. I think overnight shipping is $35 or $40?
  4. I ordered on a Tuesday afternoon and got it Thursday (to Chicago)
  5. is there a contact number for BaINY? and do they ship to Canada? :confused1:
  6. Mine was sent out Thursday & is still not here (it's Tuesday morning).

    Daisy said it would take 2-5 days (initally), then she said 2-3. I'm hoping it gets here today or tomorrow so I have time to do an exchange if need be.

    fennelcake: I believe their number is 1-212-206-0872
  7. The last thing I ordered from them was on a Thursday and I got it by Monday
  8. Thanks!