How fast dose the shipping from take?

  1. Hi! Every one!
    last week I just bought Dior Gaucho tote in red aged:yahoo: :yahoo: with and they've just recived my payment last Thursday which the bag was sent out on Friday.
    to anybody who've bought from them.... how long dose it take for you to recive your bag since the day emailed you?

    thanks!:p :p
  2. You can check where the item actually is with the EMS tracking. I bought a necklace on Saturday and its already been shipped.

    Usually when I purchase something from Japan and its sent via EMS, it arrives within 6 days (including weekends). Im expecting my necklace Thursday or Friday.

  3. thanks!
    do you mean checking the EMS online?
    do you mind tell me the website to track my item?

  4. Its on this website

    Your tracking number should be in the last email they sent you.

    It should say 'Your tracking number is: EIXXXXXXXXXJP' :smile:
  5. generally it's REALLY fast. i bought my mom a bv item from diabro and they mailed it out on the 29th, i got it in less than a week (including the weekend period too!) and was really impressed. i'm definitely a diabro convert.
  6. ruktam ! :nuts:my tote twin ! :heart:i am so happy you bought her ! :yahoo:
  7. HELLO! !!
    thanks so so much for your answer!

    WHAT A SURPRISE! I've already recived them just about 3 hours ago!!!!:yahoo::yahoo: it looks so gorgeous!, the leather is just amazing! I LOVE IT:heart::yahoo:
    thanks so much for you all that help me through this!
    MayDay! Its great you told us about Diabro
    zerodross!! thanks so much for all your answers which help me alot!
    and all of you!!:heart:

    I'll post the pic very soon once I've my camera(its with my friend):yahoo::yahoo:
  8. ^ congrats ruktam! can't wait to see pictures of your gaucho tote!
  10. pics pls!!
  11. ruktam ur slacking girl ! ;)show us some pics ! :graucho:
  12. I want to buy something for but Im not sure if its authentic or not. I was thinking about a BV ring. Please let me know if you know anything about this site.
  13. pix pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeee I'm dying to see it.

  14. check this thread out :yes: is THE BEST!!!!!!