How fast does Disney x Coach sell?


May 21, 2020
I’m considering getting a Coach x Disney bag (either the Rogue or Minnie mouse shaped one) for a cousin who LOVES Disney. She lives in another country, so I don’t know when I’ll be seeing her given everything going on. So my question is how popular is the Coach x Disney collection? Should I just buy one now and hold onto it until we can travel again? Can I wait a few months to a year or will it likely be sold out? Will they come out with another new collaboration later?




Nov 2, 2011
It is hard to say. Many of them last for a while and show up in future sales, and some sell quickly. But typically you can find at least some of them over time.
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May 5, 2013
Tampa, Fl.
Hi! So this collection is available for a limited time online. The collection itself lives at Coach Disney Springs. Typically the collection sells out pretty quickly, but inventory gets replenished most of the time. I’d call and speak with one of the associates.
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Apr 27, 2008
So hard to say, sometimes items sell out before they even go on sale and then other times you can find them by the dozens all over outlets - like the Disney villains collection.
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Jan 27, 2016
This backpack along with the larger version are on sale on I was able to snag the smaller one for $210 and I had a $10 off coupon at the time this was at the end of November. They all were very few available when I was checking out it said only nine in stock. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get it but thankfully I did. Seems there is still plenty of the larger version of this backpack it is on sale for $297. It is on clearance at half off. And you can use the Dec25off coupon. I believe I paid $200 for my bag. After taxes it came out to $214 even. These bags were available at Disney springs only and they also Appeared on the website. They are available on on clearance right now but the smaller backpack is sold out. But who knows maybe it’ll show up again. I love mine it’s going to be a cute little bag to wear at the parks. The scarf and the charm I already had an added to it it does not come with those items.