How Far?

  1. As we all know, lots of ladies on this forum travels extensively and all love Hermes. So my questions are as follow:

    1. How far are you willing to travel on short notice to pick up your bag?
    2. How far have you traveled so far to pick up your bag?
  2. 1. 50 miles (I am able to have my bags shipped)
    2. 50 miles
  3. So far, I travelled 5 minutes by foot to my local boutique hahaha!

    However, I did have the instance with the Tohu Bohu scarf which I once had. Each time I travelled to a place, I asked and called Hermès stores if they had the scarf. I eventually found it!

    If a store in Europe would have the bag of my dreams at the right moment and they will reserve it for me, I'm willing to travel on short notice for the weekend just to pick the bag up. But so far, I get what I want anyway from my local boutique, so no problems with travelling.
  4. I used to have to drive 4.5 hours to get to Hermes. And DH got my bag from SCP so he travelled to get it (but he was down there on business.) :flowers:
  5. I think the closets Hermes to me is either in LA or in LV!
  6. 1. As far as it takes (I love a good road trip!)
    2. DHL Sydney Airport for the Kelly, Hermes Sydney (10 mins drive) for other bags.
  7. 1. Not too far. If it's really short notice, I may not be able to travel at all. I work really long hours, and if I have to cancel on my patients, it can't be for a bag (even if it is Hermes:shame: ).

    2. 15 miles, to Beverly Hills.
  8. right now, domestically - basically anywhere cuz at least i can fedex it home. w/ this whole carry-on restraint & duty/vat fees in some countries (e.g. 37%), i'm going to hold off internationally for the time being.
  9. While I'm only about 20 miles from the NYC Hermes, I only stop in once or twice a year. I usually drive a whopping 95 miles each way to hit KOP. For me, it is like visiting old friends (who happen to have H bags!).
  10. 1. Across the globe, but I'll usually ask them to FedEx it to me if possible.

    2. Tokyo to Paris. Not sure on the miles, but I was on the next flight for nearly 15 hours to pick-up my first croc SO!! I was insane, I know, but I had to!! Who could resist a first birkin in croc?! :nuts:
  11. Kou, what does planning holidays ONLY to cities with Hermes shops count as? :shame: