How Far Would You Go For Love...How Would You Wear This??

  1. OK ladies & gents, I have 2 very sweet boys. One of them saw something on TV, and wanted so badly for me to have it, that he persuaded my DH to order it for me as a New Year's present. This reminds me of the time a few years ago when he saw some stacking containers that come with their own spinning holder and he had DH order them for me because we were always looking for tipperware lids and containers that fit together.

    Anyway, today he was so excited, he couldn't keep the secret and told me what they ordered for me. Are you ready? It was a handbag that he saw on an INFOMERCIAL! It's made of GENUINE LEATHER! It has all kinds of compartments to keep me organized. He is SO excited. It's by a company called Buxton.

    I am so shallow:shame:...I am sort of dreading its arrival! How owuld you wear a bag like this?
  2. ^^ Wear it with PRIDE!! Add an H pochette/twilly to it and think of the love that oozes from the bag.
  3. Of course I would wear it, just like I would wear a macaroni necklace if a child made it for me! :biggrin:
  4. I second Rose. Wear it with pride for a little bit, fuss over what a thoughtful boy he is, then forever keep it in your closet so that when he's being a typical difficult teenager, you can look back on this phase with fond memories.

    I look back and cringe at some of the things I gave my mom when I was young. They were so dreadful, but she wore them so proudly. Now I know just how difficult it must have been for her. It meant the world to me at the time, and remembering it still touches my heart today.

    Sigh. Gotta go call mom now.

    ETA: You might consider a private remedial course for DH on what NOT to let the kids talk him into. Just a thought.
  5. Maybe you could wear it when you don't want to worry about carrying a bag that would get damaged otherwise?

    Is it this?:

    Maybe your DS really wants it. You could carry it for awhile, then give it to him to "play" with as a "safari hiking man bag for spy emergencies" or something like that...

    By the way, make sure you get the whole gift. Apparently it comes with a free digitial message reminder...


    It IS sweet that DS thought of you!
  6. Wear it with pride. I hope you'll post some modelling pics as well. I for one, can hardly wait to see it!!

    We are all purse fanatics at heart... your son's gesture has touched my heart. Accessorize it with H scarves... it'll be a beauty.
  7. that is too cute. i'll carry it.
  8. AAWWWWWW!!! How cute that he would see a purse and think to get it for you! I agree with Rose, wear it with pride....especially when he's with you! Tie a scarf on it...who knows, you may start a new trend! :graucho:
  9. [​IMG]

    Good idea saligator.
  10. OMG, they play a commercial for that bag every 10 minutes on the Nickelodeon channel! It's no wonder your sweet boys wanted to buy it for you. I think that is so sweet!
  11. I love Saligator's idea!!, and I also that gga has a great point that maybe you should talk to DH about what DS can talk him into. Of course if DS picks out a 25$ Timex for DH, I think the problem might be taken care of without words. (don't jump moms! this was a joke about the Timex). :yes:
  12. ^^^ Saligator's idea :yes:
  13. wow!
    on a positive note it does fit a lot.
    i guess he had your best interests in hart. wear it few times when he is around just to make him feel good.
    it was very sweet for him to think of you.
    do make sure to get the digital recorder.:yes:
  14. Totally agree! My guess is your DH thought well it is only $20 what's the harm :p
  15. maybe dh wanted to see dw reaction.