How Far would you go for a reach bag?

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What would you do for a reach bag?

  1. I would give a Pinky Finger

  2. I would give a Pinky Toe

  3. No way, this is a sick poll!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I was wondering something. First imagine your ultimate reach, lv, chanel, whatever it is. Now to get that bag would you have your pinky finger surgically removed? What about your little toe?

  2. My little toe, because I hate my feet.
  3. Yikes!! :unsure: At this point I would say no way. However give me a few more months on this board and I might give up a pinky toe!!! :lol:
  4. Selena, you are awful!!! lol Nothing! I like all my body parts!
  5. But you know you love me IntlSet! ;)
  6. how about my lower ribs?
    then I could have a chic waistline too!
  7. LOL Hmmm, that I might consider...
  8. This is too funny, not a body part, may be a nail though!
  9. Oooh I'd give my apendix ! It's so useless anyways.
  10. I'd give my hair but not anything else! LOL.
  11. i dont think i would give a boby part for a bag.
  12. Does fat count?!....liposuction, about 50lbs....I can sculpt it into a whole foot. Omigod....I'm sicker than you :huh: :sick: ! ONLY for a black birkin 35.
  13. AHAHA... Pursemama...

    You people are way more obsessed than I had even imagined... I'm keeping my fat, too! I'll trade a couple hairs for a bag. Maybe even several hairs.
  14. ooh. i'd do lipo for less than a reach bag. way less. just pay for the lipo. :smile:

    but definately a pinky toe. probably both. feet are gross and narrow pointy shoes would fit better. :smile: i draw the line at pinkie finger. they're my best shaped fingers. :smile:
  15. I'm not giving up any body parts!! I prefer to keep my fingers and toes. Although I agree with pursemama, I'd definatly be willing to give up some fat and I wouldn't even ask for a bag in return. :lol: