How far would you drive to an outlet for a non specific shopping expedition?


Sep 18, 2008
What I mean is, if you didn't have anything HUGE in particular you were hunting down, how far would you be willing to drive on a Saturday just to have fun at the Coach outlet?

I've never been to the outlet 'cos the nearest one is an hour away from me. But I have a hankering to go today, I don't have anything huge I want right now but would probably pick up a couple of keyfobs and an ID lanyard if they had those.

Is that a wasted trip? :P My DH is not convinced I need to drive that far today and I'm trying to be convincing.


Finally: My HG bag!!
Sep 11, 2006
As much as I would love to drive to the outlet for a non-specific shopping expedition, it would cost a lot more money for me do this. The outlet is about 1 1/2 drive maybe even 2 hours with having to wait at the Canadian border to get into the US. Plus the taxes that I would have to pay isn't worth me going there.

I went this summer and I probably won't go again until next year.
Apr 13, 2008
I drive to the outlet nearest me (about an hour depending on traffic) about once a week and I never usually have anything specific in mind. I guess I am always looking for certain items but they don't ever have them, I go anyway! LOL


Jul 21, 2008
An hour with no problem, just to get out of the house and away from my so-charming children! Looking at Coach and talking to my favorite SA is worth the trip for me, even if I'm not looking for something specific. You never know what might be there! And it's nice to wander around the outlet mall anyway, just lookin'.


Jul 26, 2007
Well it takes about 3.5 hrs to get to my nearest outlet. Around 200 miles one way. I go about every 2-3 months just for the "fun" of it. Meaning just to go see what I can find. I think its fun and its the only time I can actually "see" Coach in person. Otherwise, I only see what's online. (other than my little section of about 3 Coach items at my Dillard's-lol!). I just make a day of it and go shopping!


Sep 8, 2008
I agree, my outlets an hour away, sometimes I go on a sunday when DH is "mesmorized" by football all day anyway,I dont think he even realizes Im gone!! But I do always come home with something! I think its worth it


Jun 22, 2008
My closest outlet is an hour away. I've driven over several times just to browse. To me though an hour drive isn't that far. I guess it is just your perception on how far is too far. If the outlet was any farther though, I'd not just drive over, it'd have to be more specific.


O Holy Grail...
Jun 9, 2008
An hour isn't bad, I think its takes about 45 min to get to mine...most of the time I have nothing in mind either just want to go see what they have.

Same here. I love my outlet SAs and they are so much fun to talk with! I do prefer to get there early, then they're free to show you stuff and talk about all the stuff that's coming in. I went for 4th of July this year and was the only person in the store for almost an hour! It was great.
Apr 25, 2007
When there was no outlet close by me I drove for around 3 hours one way. I would take a fri or sat and wake up at like 6 am and get there around when they opened. I know its crazy but I had fun.. I went alone once and took my SIL the other time.


Apr 21, 2007
I'd drive between 1-2 hours. Although, I've been known to drive 2-3 hours to an outlet while on vacation. YIKES! DH is actually very supportive of my shopping habits. Plus, if we go to the outlets he gets to go to shopping for himself. He loves new clothes.

Make an adventure out of it...have fun! Being in the car on a long drive gives you an opportunity to slow down, talk and take in the scenery.