How far would you drive for a Dior?

  1. I think this is an interesting question...most of us buy our bags online because it is 1 - convenient, and 2 - we all don't have boutiques in our area.

    So I was just wondering how far would you drive to go to a Dior boutique or a dept store that sold Dior?

    How far have you driven? :p

    I have driven 1 1/2 hours to go to a dept store or boutique for Dior/Balenciaga - but these trips have left me feeling "let down" as the anticipation is usually greater than the inventory in store.

    My Dior boutique is 4 hours away and although I really want to visit it (and the other stores in Aspen, CO) - that just seems entirely TOO far to go shopping!!! :tdown:

    So...what about you ladies - this question is like our version of the old commercial "what would you do for a Klondike bar".

    How far would you drive for a Dior boutique? :graucho:
  2. coming from a place where i have 3 diors within a 5-minute walking distance from each other and then having to move to sheffield where there's literally no dior (or ANYTHING really), it was hellish. my nearest dior is in manchester which is an hour by the rail/train (and another half an hour from the railway station to the boutique proper). the worst part of course is the TINNY-ness of the dior. i could walk 7 paces for the entire length of the dior :sad:

    but that's not the farthest yet, i would willingly fly to paris (to the mothership) for dior, but of course being in the uk, heading over to paris isn't a big deal.

    in short, WILL DO ANYTHING FOR DIOR. i get a sick withdrawal-like symptom if i don't get my dior fix in regular intervals. i didn't visit dior for 3 months proper previously and when i got back home to the 3 diors i visited all 3 daily for about 2 weeks.
  3. Your post made me laugh!!

    I have lots of experience here in Colo with the "sympathy boutique" (as I call them) stores so small you can see more in a friend's closet!!

    Your devotion to Dior has made me wonder if I cannot somehow make a wknd out of going to the Aspen shops though!! Maybe after the summer, before the skiers take the town over.
  4. :roflmfao: i like the term you gave those boutiques loganz! sympathy boutique indeed! a weekend in aspen sounds good, plus i should think the inventory there would be much better than the ones in say nm/Saks/bg. and here i was thinking aspen was just all about skiing and slopes.

    better yet, you need to make a trip to our side - i should think the mothership would have loads to offer.

    and nat needs to join this thread, she'll be moving to denmark where there's no dior. hard to imagine a place in europe with no dior, but funnily enough, the netherlands doesn't have dior either, which seems pretty strange to me.. since they have just about all the other labels there.
  5. zero you stole my post ! :roflmfao: thats right soon i will be living in a Diorless country ! :wtf: i guess that will justify weekend trips to Paris, Dublin ( and hmmm Singapore, Millie ? ;)) no ? the official version will be - VISITING FRIENDS ! :tup:
  6. hehehee, sorry nat! :sad:
    we need to meet up in japan.... 7 storeys of dior sounds... FANTABULOUS!
  7. Well, maybe this is cheating, but I'm flying to Vancouver for a wedding (from Manitoba), and I'll be visiting a Holt Renfrew while I'm there... Amazingly, the only place in the whole city that sells authentic Dior. Disappointing or what?

    For a boutique, my SO would never let me take a trip just for Dior... :crybaby: