How far will you go to get the Chanel you want?


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
When I wanted the bordeux reissue and there was none to be found in all of Asia (I lived in Hong Kong then), I called up my fav NYC SA ... she tracked one down for me and shipped it to a US mail forwarding servce we had so I could get the bag ...

When the luxury ligne first came out, I really wanted it in red but Hong Kong did not order that color. Singapore did and they had one small bowler left so I flew to Singapore and bought it ..

Again while in Hong Kong, the Cabas came out and there was no way I was going to even get on a list, but my SA there purposely held on to a brown leather one on the condition I buy it right then and there (private sale) but could not take it home until the following week. So I did just that and when the manager saw how much I loved the bag, she let me take it so technically I had the first Cabas in Hong Kong ...

And you all know my recent story ... I am nuts ...


Aug 1, 2007
2 a story to get your dream bag! I'm not as nuts as you..maybe half or 3/4 LOL. I live in a small city in Indonesia, where no boutique.. so the nearest one is in Jakarta, 3 hours by plane.. so far all my purchases done by phone or online. I called several store (Paris, HK, and some US) before I close the deal. All the stuff sent to my sis/gf in US and they should send it to my other friend in Singapore and I pick it up there. Such a long haul for the bags..and long wait for me.. I sometimes wait 2 months to get my bag.. it's EXHAUSTING :hysteric:


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May 17, 2006
For me, i don't really make a point to travel there if i want something. I jus called them up to see if they can ship to singapore as long i pay the shippin costs. Also, if they don't, i will see if i got friends/colleagues happen to be there, will ask them to get it for me. Usually, i buy most of my stuffs from the main major department stores in US such as NM, SAKs, BG, etc.


Jul 2, 2006
The hassle I went through to get my Red VC from Japan, I had to validate who I was etc etc and then transfer money etc etc all from my current work location in the Middle East!!!!!!!!!! Never again unless I see a pink Valentine Chain!


Dec 28, 2006
I just call my SA (or in some cases she calls me if she knows it is something I'd want) and I just have her track it down. I have been pretty lucky thus far that way. The only thing I didn't get was the red jumbo flap from last year but that is b/c I didn't even know that I wanted it until it was far too late and I wasn't about to use eBay.


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Jun 24, 2007
Oh, I probably called all the boutiques in France, the ones in Dublin, Zurich, Vienna, every single one in London (including Selfridges and Harrods), Manchester, Brussels, Munich, then onto the US coast, Las Vegas, SF, NYC and NM/BG to get a metallic red in the medium size. but with no avail.

Then one fine day, I got a call from Chanel Ala Moana!!! And as they say, the rest is history!

[And many many thank to those nice tPF Chanel addicts who have helped me on this quest! :flowers:]


C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
I really wanted a black matte reissue b/c I missed the one in Paris (shoot me for trying it and not feeling it at that time) and I figured why not call my SA and ask if there were any in stock. I gave her a text message and the next thing I knew, she called me to tell me there was a shipment of 07A reissues in! Wowiee, I told her I wanted 227 (grrr now I want 226 lol) and she kept it aside for me. BUT I had to rush down the next day to get it as no reservations were allowed. Wahhh, I immediately flew down after class ended and dragged my mom with me to get the bag lol. Mom was so mad at me for buying a bag that looks like what her mother would carry - well that explains the generation gap LOL!


Feb 17, 2008
YAY... i thought i was a bit mad with buying bags like this... my friends think i'm nut staying up til mid night to call the international for a bag... i've done this a few times now... i live in a city where i can count the luxury brands with one hand... Vuitton Boss Gucci and Bally...

when i tried to get my chanel hybrid... i calld all the stores in France... London... several Saks and NM and Chanel boutique in the States....

i'm glad i'm not the only person that does this !! hahaha