How far will you go, €1600 for a bag?

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  1. How much will you pay for a handbag, when isn't it worth it anymore?
  2. This is of course different for everyone..for me it's when I can't afford it! (yes I know, vague) If its a *ridiculous* amount but I *must* have it, I'll save! If its not possible to save or I'll never be able to afford it, its not worth it.:shrugs: Lol I know that is so not the response you were looking for:nuts:

    Ok ok..I'll be more descriptive. I'm 21 and in college. I'm not going to be out of college until I get my doctorate, and I have no source of income except for my parents. They do NOT spoil me however (they're very modest and not materialistic), and have no idea of my bag obsession or how much they cost. I can NOT afford a Hermes but I can definitely save up for one. I can not afford a Bentley and saving up for one would take forever (now) but perhaps when I start working I could. So for now and the near future, I could not afford a purse that cost as much as an expensive car. Expensive again is relative, but I gave the Hermes example:supacool:.
  3. I agree, too much is when I can't afford it and know that it's an impulse buy. If I know that I will carry it long-term then I'll save up for it. But that means I have no outstanding bills and am not neglecting necessities.
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  5. ^ True for me, too. I'm very happy with my current collection, and though I'm always on the look-out, I'm really into saving right now. My bf and I are trying to buy some investment properties!
  6. Right now? Nope. I'm 16 and I have to save up for it, and I don't have any designer bags yet, so at first I want to have a small collection (think some LV's). After that - I really want to have a Chloé Paddington and a Balenciaga City Motorcycle bag once, so maybe I'll start saving up for those after I have collected some items.
  7. While there are so many that I lust after, I have two babies, a house and am on maternity leave right now. So, while I do splurge on occasion, I feel guilty about spending ridiculous amounts of money on bags at the moment. There are just too many other things to pay for. I would say that if you do not have these kinds of reponsibilities yet (ie: you are young/single/no kids etc), and you really want it, get it. It only gets harder to buy the things you really want when you have a thousand other things to pay for. Not to mention the guilt that ensues when you spend money on yourself. Maybe it is just me, but I have noticed this trend with mothers. I never cared before about spending money on myself and never felt guilty about it. But, for some reason, as soon as you have kids, it becomes all about them and not about you. So, if you do not yet have these responsiblities, I say GO FOR IT!! It will only get harder later on in life (unless of course you have a millionaire hubby, then you can go crazy! LOL!). Enjoy yourself and spoil yourself while you still can!
    If, however, you feel like it will be a strain to you or set you back financially, then I would cut back a bit and spend less. If you do have financial responsibilities, then perhaps re-evaluate. How much do you REALLY love that bag? Will no other bag satisfy you? If you do buy it, how long will you be satisfied for? For me, another problem with spending huge amounts of money on a bag is that I am never really satisfied. I am always on the lookout for the next bag and always seem to find a new one to fall in love with. Therefore, it is not feasible for me to spend $2000 on a bag when I will find another "new love" soon after. I guess I must be pretty fickle in my love for handbags. There are just too many choices, styles, colours out there!
  8. I'm 27 and am a post-grad student. My parents still support me for all expenses. Luckily my mom encourage me to buy brandname bags as she think it would be better to have a brandname bag than loads of cheap bags. I'm a bag-lover and most of my money goes to watch, and bags. Anyway, I do own a small bag collection and am happy with it now. I didn't buy bags as often as in the past. I know money is hard to earn. My most expensive one is approx 1,000 GBP ( It's a LV white MC speedy and a Chanel Baby Cabas in white). I would definately not willing to buy a Hermes bag no matter how much money I have. I think the price is rediculous and sure I won't pay for a bag that priced equal to a car.

    Don't think I am a materialistic girl as I do buy cheap cheap things too.
  9. I have a bag that was about $2300 and I absolutely love it. It isn't a bag that would go on sale and it is my favorite. I could afford it and I wanted it so I bought it. Not all of my bags are that expensive, but I was in a place to be able to buy it, so I did.

    IMHO, it depends on your finances and lifestyle.
  10. during this point in my life- about $350. I am 20, a sophomore in college and am fully supported by my father. he thinks im crazy for saving and spending as much money as i do on handbags (men just dont get anything lol). I usually get a really good deal on a handbag and then just save up for the next one. I also ask for a handbag almost every xmas and also for my bday (from bf and family). i have been collecting since i was about 16 and i currently have about 15 handbags. one day (when im OUT of college lol) I will have a much larger budget. i actually ahve a "dream" list of handbags to buy once i can afford them! :yes:
  11. I don't really have a set point I won't go over, but I would have a hard time going over $1K, or even $700. I, too, have a home and a family with three young children. We aren't strapped for money and the kids don't want for anything, but anyone who owns a home can attest to the fact that unexpected things happen. I am always thinking that the money would have been better spent in an education fund or savings or invested or something else, even though those things are contributed to every paycheck! It definitely is a mother's guilt about spending on herself.
  12. It's funny how the answers change drastically...a couple years ago I thought a couple hundred was the limit, but after buying my spy which was in the $2000s the answer is different now, I probably won't ever go beyond 5k for one bag, which is probably why I've never been interested in Hermes (besides not loving the style).
  13. I don't have a family but i feel the same guilt as the moms do. I could afford it if i save up but i am not sure if a bag is actually worth spending so much on