How far is your commute to work?

  1. HI!

    Im gonna start a new job soon, only part-time :smile:

    Right now I only drive 2.5 miles to work one way and it only takes me about 4-5 minutes. Im full time.

    My new job is about 18 miles one way, 30 minutes. Ive never driven in a thruway here :sad:

    I only get $2 and change more for the new job....

    Im hoping it's all worth it...since Ive been wanting to get my foot inside a hospital for a job....

    But Im nervous about the drive esp. this coming winter :sad:

    Im just really hoping this part-time will lead me to full-time....

    I just hate my job right now (retail pharmacy)...
    Screaming patients/customers complaining about co-pays, how come it takes so long to fill a prescription, dealing with all the druggies hoping to get a Vicodin refill too an A.s. s. of a manager, jealous co-worker

    Sorry, just ranting.

    Pls pray this is all worth it
  2. If it is something that you are happy with then it is definately worth it!

    I have about an hour and a half commute into the city for my job and I wouldn't give it up for the world. I absoluetly love it!

    You'll definately have to let us know how this new job works out! I'm sure you'll be so happy!
  3. dizzit---do we work together? ahahhaa...i work for a pharmacy also.

    i deal with that same old yelling,complaining, crying when u tell them they reached coverage gaps, and eevrything in between


    im at work right now and an old lady just hung up on me because she was asking for Fosamax Plus D but she only had an rx on her acct for regular Fosamax. sheesh. Told her she needs a new rx from her md and she got mad.
  4. 10 minutes away with no traffic. Bad traffic days 30-45 minutes.
  5. It takes me 2-3 minutes to get to work everyday. I love it!
  6. Don't work, still in college.

    My commute to my old University: 2 hours everyday (one way)

    My commute to my new Uni: 30 minutes everyday (one way)
  7. 15 min to work.

    College was 1hr-1.5hr each way.
  8. My commute usually takes about 20 - 25 minutes, even in winter. I'm lucky that, in although I travel a very busy road, the heavy congestion always moves the opposite way I do (into downtown), so my drive is fairly good going the other way.
  9. To uni it takes me one hour when it should only take my 20 minutes... stupid tranferring of buses.

    To my part time job it takes half an hour, and I don't find it to be so long that it's annoying, so i'm sure you'll be ok. Once you get used to it it'll be fine.
  10. My last job was a 10 minute reverse commute...literally two exits up the freeway, going the opposite way as all the bad traffic. Too good to be true!

    My new job will be TBD as there will be traffic depending on what time in the a.m. I'm on the road. My guess is it will be 25 - 30 minutes in the morning, probably longer in the evening.
  11. I take the subway and walk part of the way, so 25 minutes door-to-door if there are no delays.
  12. 2 minutes to work and 20 minutes to school
  13. 20 minutes
  14. Going to work takes about 15-20 minutes because I usually beat the rush before 8am.

    But going home takes 30min or longer because of all the congestion. Argh...
  15. I am 2.2 miles from the office and it still takes 10 -15 minutes. I take residential streets where there is a stop sign on almost every block.