How far have you gone for a bag???

  1. Last week I was going crazy over the new azur line when I got a call from a friend of mine who happened to be in London. She offered to go get the speedy for me and ended up having to go to 3 stores as the first two were sold out. So in return I offered to come get her at the airport as she was coming home that night and the airport is about a 45 min drive from the city. When we drove up to her house one of her flatmates is standing in the window and as soon as I park the car he comes out. My friend openes the window and says, it's ok, I don't have that much luggage and he replys: No, I know, I just wanted to see the bag that made her go to the airport to get you. My face literally went like this :oh:

    So, anyone else have any stories like that?
  2. heh heh...what we will do for our bags. Honestly, though, I would drive just to get my friend, and our airport is that far from me, too!;)
  3. Yes, that was one of the reasons it was so embarrassing as it was really meant as a favor in return, I didn't go to just get the bag KWIM
  4. Yeah...:yes:, but maybe HE didn't get that! LOL...I hope you love the bag, though! You are a nice friend and your friend must be mighty nice, too, to pick that up for ya!
  5. You have such a nice friend that will help you do that!!!