How Far Does Your Paper Plane Fly?

  1. This little game is super addicting... :graucho:
    My current best score is 81.426m :yahoo:
    See how far yours go!
  2. Where do you go?
  3. Geesh, I only got out the window once...15.005m.
  4. Ok, twice, 48.66m. This IS addicting lol.
  5. Ooohh! 61.86!
  6. I just got 61.342! I figured out the secret lol.
  7. OK, I'm an idiot! I don't get it!! How do you get it to go so far? I'm embarassed to say how short of a distance mine went. :tdown:
  8. ^Lol I just start it really far back and fairly low because it hits the fan a LOT. Try to get it to go out the window.
    I'm done trying but my last one was 68.967.
  9. Ugh, it took me many, many tries but I finally got it as far as 63.668. I probably can't top that so I'm quitting while I'm ahead! LOL!
  10. haha i've been playing for two days now.... so what IS the secret??? :confused1::confused1:
    the few times i manage to get the plane out of the windows were sheer luck... :p
  11. ^^Lol I just keep it fairly low and I hold down the left mouse button then release it when I release the airplaine.
    I lied, I kept playing and for 70.749. :p
  12. Ugh, I couldn't do it. My best was 7.47:cursing::cursing:
  13. I FINALLY got 82.28. boy that game is addictive.
  14. :cursing:...I keep hitting the bottom of the filing cabinet....1.9 LOL!