How far does your cles zip with the keychain out?

  1. I just noticed mine doesnt close very far. How far does yours close? Is that standard for the cles?
  2. Mine also like I guess its normal then...but when you put the keychain in...its completely closed
  3. mine's like that.. it's the chain that stops the zip from closing all the way.. since the chain isn't fishing line thin. :smile:
  4. Wheew!! *breathes sigh of relief* I had this bad feeling it was just sewn too far over on mine because theres a slight gap from the end of the cles and the end of the zipper so I figured if they closed that gap there would be more "gap" by the opening of the zipper this making more room for the keychain so the zippper would be able to close all the way. I'm SO GLAD its normal. :yahoo:I would have totally dreaded having to bring it back. I just started using it recently so I didnt notice until now. I clip it to the loop of my jeans if I go out or go to clubs and dont want to carry a purse but since it didnt close all the way it made me slighltly nervous that... okay don't laugh.... that gravity and force of moving around would drag the already slightly open zipper open even more and make it easier for the contents to fall out or be stolen. :p
  5. mine is like that too
  6. :yes: mine too.
  7. If I jiggle the chain around a bit and lay a link flat, I can generally close it all the way.
  8. yea, about all the way up. it doesn't look as obvious as it does in your pic, but yea.
  9. It's just fine. All my cles have that little gap at the end on account of having the keychain pulled out.
  10. vernis
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  11. mine does the same
  12. Mine does the same thing.
  13. mine does the same thing too
  14. mine closes all the way

  15. Mine doesn't close all the way either. It could be because I have cards inside that also push against the zipper. Either way, that's pretty normal.