How far do you have to travel to visit the nearest LV boutique?

  1. How far do you have to travel to visit the nearest LV boutique and do you think if you lived closer that you would buy LV more often?
    I live very close to LV, I would be there in a 15 min. walk.
    The problem about that is..... Everytime I have my salary I want to go to the LV store!!!!
    So every month is a fight not to buy LV but just pay my rent and other bills and see what is left then :crybaby:
  2. The nearest one to me is only a 20 minute drive away. We're saving for another house, so I've been very good. I only go in there when I know that there is something specific that I'm going to pick up.
  3. 2 hours drive north or south so when I go I tend to go a little crazy
  4. I live 45 minutes away. My problem isn't the boutique, it is Eluxury. :smile:
  5. If Eluxury could send to me.... I would be in trouble.....
  6. I am a 20 minute drive away from the Holt Renfrew LV, & a one hour drive away from Banff LV boutique.

    If eluxury shipped to Canada, I'd be bankerupt by now!
  7. I live 20 mins away from LV boutique:p but i only go there if i want to buy something or i want to try something on me before i buy it.
  8. 45 mins to 1 hr. Not worth the drive unless I'm going to buy something, which doesn't happen too much. Hence I don't have a relationship with any SA. :sad:
  9. 10 minutes from school.. mighty dangerous. :graucho:
  10. I am spoiled (as other Bay area gals probably feel the are too). Less than 10 minutes away from Valley Fair, about 20 minutes away from Stanford and Stanford NM, about 50 minutes away from Union Square, SF NM and SF Bloomies. My record is hitting 3 stores in 1
  11. I live about an hour away from the closest LV...its good its not closer otherwise I'd be in MAJOR trouble!
  12. Gosh, multiple stores.... I've just got a Saks (no service) and 1 LV boutique, each about 10 min away from my work, good for my morale, bad for my LV koala wallet :rolleyes:
  13. Hmmm..about 45 minutes away (25 miles--which is considered "far" in Hawaii). The boutique I shop at is at our major mall though and I am a shop-a-holic so I am there every week or every other week to shop for other things. I swing by LV all the time just to look though.
  14. it's 30 minutes away and i am near the store alot i just don't go in much... i need to be proud off myself ;)
  15. At least 3 hours in Chicago. :crybaby: There is not a single boutique in our state, so Illinois or Minnesota are the only options.