How far are you from a Coach store?

  1. I'm 409.96 miles from my closest one (Calgary). AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about depressing. Even our local Macys and Dillards doesn't carry Coach. :crybaby:

    How many of you are within a few miles?
  2. I have several within 20 miles or so. My closest outlet is over 200 miles away and the better outlet is over 250 miles away.
  3. I am about 10 milles away from one boutique and 20 miles away from another one. I am 25 milles away away from one outlet and 35 milk away from my favorite outlet!
  4. i have 2 outlets and 4 boutiques all within a 30 miles radius...its ridiculous...i never know where to go
  5. The closest store to me is less than a mile away. After that there are another 3 within 10 miles, and probably several more within 30 miles.

    The closest outlet to me is about 15 miles with another one at about 30 miles.

    That doesn't even include the countless department stores that also sell coach. In one of our malls it is sold in three department stores AND there is also Coach store.
  6. The closest one is about a 20 minute drive from my house. And then I work in San Francisco, and there are three within the a 6 block radius. It's crazy! :nuts:

    Unfortunately, the closest Coach outlet is an hour drive away.
  7. I'm getting more depressed by the minute. LOL! :bagslap:
  8. Six boutiques and two outlets within 10 miles of my house. There might be more that I don't know about. It's crazy!
  9. I am 19 miles from one outlet, 78 miles from the other and 37 miles from the boutique!
  10. I have 3 stores close to me
  11. As I recently found out - I am about 60-70 miles from 4 stores. about 50 miles from one outlet and 85-90 miles from another outlet.
  12. Since they opened Folsom, I'm about 10 minutes away from an outlet and about 20-30 minutes away from two boutiques.
  13. boutique: 5.7 miles away (yay!)
    Dillard's/Macy's: 5.7 miles away (yay!)

    Las Vegas outlet: 271 miles away (boo!)
    Cabazon outlet: 290 miles away (boo!)
  14. I am about 15 min from the big store here in the mall, 15 miles to the Nordstroms, Nordstroms rack, macy's, and dillards. The outlet is 25 min away. ugh - no more shopping for a while
  15. oooh, about 20 min to the boutique at Bellevue Square, plus dept stores like Nordstrom and macys.