How far along are you when you found out the gender of your baby?

  1. I am very anxious to find out from you ladies when did you find out the gender of your baby? I was on my 4th month when I found out the gender of my 1st baby.. I was seeing a private practitioner at that time. This time around, I am seeing a doctor in a Military Hospital.. I think they are waiting for me to be at least 5-5½mos pregnant until they do an ultrasound to get the measurements and eventually find out the gender of my 2nd baby..

    My dilemma now is that I will be going back to the States for Christmas and New Year's.. during that time.. I will be on my 4½-5½mos... therefore, I will not be able to see my doctor (who is in a Military Hospital) by that time because I am in the States (Mil Hosp is overseas - where my hubby is stationed at).. of course, as much as possible, hubby and I would like to know the gender of our 2nd baby (if possible) before we leave for the States.. which I will be onto my 4½month...

    Were you ladies able to find out the gender of your unborn baby by the 4-4½month???
  2. With my first I Was 18 weeks, then second baby I was 14 weeks. Both girls, and the tech was right too...
    Now, I'm trying for number 3 hoping for a baby boy! They can tell around 16-17 weeks and it be accurate.. (sometimes)
  3. 16 weeks to be sure.
    Girls have a way of of "turning into boys" if you go earlier as the boys parts don't always descend that early.
    What that means is if you're told at 14 weeks it's a girl, there's a strong chance that at 18 weeks it would revealed to actually be a boy.


    We found at @ 16 weeks 2/ all 3 of ours and they were correct.
  4. I found out at 21 weeks. My Dr. only does two ultrasounds, one at 8 weeks and one around 20 weeks.
  5. Theres a free ultra sound clinic here, thats were I went before my doctor would even give me a U/s. He only does them at 25 weeks.
  6. i did mine at 20th week.
  7. I was 20 weeks when they found out it was a boy!!!! I go back at 24 weeks to make sure the heart is okay....
  8. I am 23 weeks and found out at 20 weeks that it's a girl. I can't wait to get the next 4D ultrasound at 28 weeks. Merry Christmas to me!!
  9. I found out at 16.5 weeks at my ultrasound for my amnio, since I'm having a boy; wouldn't have been able to tell totally for sure if it had been a girl. I then found out definitely at about 18 weeks when we got the results back.

    You should be having an anatomical scan ultrasound somewhere around 20 weeks. My doctor likes to do it a teeny bit earlier, at 19 weeks, so maybe you can convince your doctor to do it just before you go. They can't do it much earlier than that, since they want everything far enough along to get a good look, and the heart is really just finishing up around then.
  10. With my son(my first baby) I had an ultrasound at 16wks and they told me he was a girl. Right before my baby shower(28wks+) I decided to have another and found that I was actually having a boy.
    With my daughter I waited until I was 20wks so it would more accurate.
  11. AWWW!!! most of you ladies had your ultrasound and was sure about the gender on the 16th week and up..

    My doctor told me that usually they do the ultrasound around 18-22 weeks.. *sigh*

    I will try my luck and schedule for mine before I leave.. I will be 2-3days shy of my 14½ weeks by then...

    Thanks you all ladies for sharing your experiences with me.. it was very interesting..
  12. My doc wouldn't let me find out until 20 weeks so they'd be more certain. They were right. My friend had an ultrasound before that, they told her it was a girl and then she found out it was a boy! I would have been so upset! I knew I was going to have my heart set on whatever they told me so I'm glad I waited and they were right!
  13. With baby #1 (girl) I found out via Ultrasound at 18 weeks. With Baby #2 (boy) I found out at 17 weeks via ultrasound and it was confirmed a week later with the amnio results.
  14. 14 wks with 4D.
  15. I'm currently pregnant with my first :smile: and i found out my baby was a boy at week 19 when i went in for my morphology ultrasound.