How exactly does filing a dispute on eBay work?

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm so glad I found this forum before I went browsing for designer bags online. I'm still confused at the concept of filing a dispute. Let's say the seller on eBay guarantees authenticity of their bags and you ended up recieving a fake one. Assuming that him/her does not accept returns, are you still able to file a dispute and get your money back? Also, what if for some reason you don't return it by the deadline, would you be able to as well? Thanks!
  2. Did you buy a fake on eBay?
  3. It's simple yet complicated. Have you researched the topic on eBay and PayPal? Both websites tell you what you need to know about disputes. You'll find the answers there plus more info you should be aware of before you buy or sell on eBay or using PP.
  4. with ebay there is no such thing as no returns. if its a fake you have to prove it is, and then you get a refund

  5. Agreed - I hate it when sellers say this -- NO RETURNS doesn't count if the bag is fake or has defects not mentioned in the listing.
  6. You have 45 days within which to file with Pay Pal if you received a fake.

    Ebay and Pay Pal rules no longer require that a buyer prove that the item is a counterfeit and the rules were specifically changed to reflect that in the last 6 months.

    Most important, don't let the 45 days lapse or you're SOL, unless you file a chargeback.
  7. Are you saying a buyer can claim something is fake and Ebay and PayPal will automatically side with the buyer and refund? Can you clarify?
  8. I bought a bag that was a counterfeit 4.5 weeks ago, and I (per EBAY- not PP) was required to get an authentication letter. I chose Carol Ives from I was not going to get my money back otherwise, according to Ebay's escalation department.


  9. Same here. I had to get a letter.
  10. eBay and PP can still require buyers to obtain documents proving the items are fake AND/OR sellers to show proof that they're legit. As far as I know, it's on a case by case basis.
  11. i would recommend you have it authenticated here first because even if you can return it you may have to pay for shipping back to the seller even if it is fake (it can add up when you need to add insurance on the package back)
  12. A sellers guarantee/deadline means nothing.

    Apricot where did you get that info??
  13. I'll look for where it was posted - I think on Pay Pal they changed the wording to read "MAY" .

    Also on Ebay I think they reserve the right to tell the buyer to destroy a purse. But let me go see where I saw it before.

    Don't go anywhere. ;) BRB
  14. "Generally, buyers will not be obligated to provide third-party confirmation that an item is counterfeit to open a case. Buyers should feel free, however, to seek such written confirmation from the manufacturer whenever they suspect that an item may be counterfeit. In cases where a buyer has written confirmation from the manufacturer that the item is counterfeit, or in any cases where eBay requests this confirmation, the buyer must send this information directly to us. We reserve the right to accept this written confirmation directly from other reliable third parties. Buyers agree to cooperate with us to ensure the proper disposal of counterfeit items. For example, buyers may be asked to destroy (and certify that the item has been destroyed), or send the item to the manufacturer or other appropriate third party for disposal. "

    Here is where it's listed by eBay:

    Now I need to see what Pay Pal says.