How embarrassing!

  1. I was at the mall yesterday and I stopped by the Coach store for a while. I didn't really see any bags that I needed to have but I fell in love with the oversized star keyfob, so cute!! I didn't know the price but after walking around the store with my friend I decided that I needed it. So as I go to purchase it the SA gets out the book with barcodes to scan and I notice that it was a three digit number (I was figuring the max price was $75ish) and I come to find out that here in Hawaii it costs $128, AH! I love it but I wasn't sure if I loved it that much, especially knowing that it would be cheaper everywhere else. It was so funny but I basically just told the SA I changed my mind but it was embarrassing because it was obvious that it was because of the price. Well hey, I am a college student! I don't have problems spending a lot on a bag if I love it but I feel like that's quite a bit for a key ring..especially since I just got the stars and hearts one that is similar from the outlet for $45 a few weeks ago. Oops! :lol:

    It is so pretty though, isn't it?

  2. I wouldn't worry about...I am sure it happens all the time.
  3. That's cute! Can you get it cheaper off the Coach website, maybe?
  4. Well, I'm sure it does happen but it was pretty funny because I saw the price and was just like UHHH and turned to my friend and asked if I really needed it for over $100, lol!

    It's $98 on the website. I would love it for about $20 cheaper than that. ;)
  5. It happens a lot! It's okay! Here in the states it's 98, I hate how hawaii is a % higher!
  6. That happens to me all the time! It is pretty though..
  7. WOW!
    That sucks. I would do the same thing. No worries.
  8. WOW....I'm sorry I LOVE my bags but since I can buy a bag for that price I can not justify spending that amount on a keyring...but it is darling and I would love it :smile: But for $20 more I could get the timberland fur boots I want :smile:
  9. I honestly do not understand those kinds of prices for a keychain. I could get a bag for that price from the outlet :/ But people pay it, I suppose. I couldn't. As much as I'd love to.
  10. don't be embarrased. i don't blame you. maybe if it was leather or something but not for that.
  11. I was in Hawaii and saw the prices there. BF told me to get something cause they have a sale section but everything priced as a sale is the regular price here in the mainland. LOL.
  12. AHH, $128 for a keychain??? I would have FAINTED if that price had come up! I would have fainted at $98 too, heck, I see the previous season keychains like this at the outlets for $39 and $24 and I still can't bring myself to buy one. It's a keychain, no mini skinny pouch or anything, just a keychain!