how eBay sellers fix auctions-The Sunday Times- UK

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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for sharing us this information
  3. Interesting article

    I am not sure how ebays new policy of protecting the bidders identities prevents shill bidding though! :confused1:
  4. Is no one honest anymore?

  5. eBay is extremely dishonest. Paypal is just as scary. Hah.
  6. God will it never end!

  7. That's because it doesn't! :biggrin:

    They were careful to not say it did! ;)

    The thing is, that while buyers continue to look for the lowest starting price, all the time, sellers will, understandably, be tempted to start an auction way below cost and shill bid. :shrugs:

    Also, adding a reserve costs a fortune.

    I'm in no way defending shill bidding, though, of course. Especially when sellers nibble the price up and then pretend that the shill bidder is a NPB and give a second chance offer to the second highest bidder!!! :shocked:
  8. Thanks for posting, its an interesting article
  9. Scary times!!:yes:
  10. ^ :yes:
  11. Thanks for sharing. Disgusting people out there. If he doesn't think his item is going to sell for enough, has he ever heard of a "reserve." Or is he so tight that he doesn't want to pay for the reserve fee? Greedy.:cursing:
  12. this makes a lot of people look bad. i always start my items at .99. gets attention, many watchers, and the item always sells for a good price. i don't shill bid (i just learned about it, its clever though, what WILL they think of next) and i don't screw people over.

    ebay is just as bad as any ebay cheater. they let it go on. then they pull auth auctions!

    'whatever' to the current situation of ebay.

    btw- good article to post. thanks for the info!
  13. oh yea, so , uh, i got people.......

    i forgot to say, i loved that.