How easy to remove pen from Novacheck

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  1. I am thinking about getting a classic Novacheck Tote bag off ebay but there is a pen mark on the bag, can it be removed or should I stay away?
  2. I can remove penmarks from my Burberry pretty easily.
  3. I got a pen mark on my wallet once. I took it to the Burberry store and they told me to scrub it with mild soap and a toothbrush. The novacheck material is pretty durable!
  4. I had got an ink mark off a Burberry Bag by using rubbing alcohol! I would dip a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol and the penmark disappeared!
  5. I got pen on the equestrian and I tried everything, alcohol, woolite and it didn't come off.
  6. burberry material is pretty durable, like mentioned above if you use mild soap and a tooth brush it'll pretty much easily come off and dry it with a soft cloth and it should be fine
  7. I wonder would this work for interior of LV bucket bag I have pen mark & am afraid to start messing with it