How easy is Vert Anis?

  1. How easy is it to incorporate Vert Anis? I wear mostly black (all my bags are varying shades of BLACK).

    FYI: I'm a brunette with pale skin and don't own anything green.
  2. I can't answer your question but I LOVE vert anis!! I have a Dogon in that color and love just looking at it!

    I'll be on the lookout for a possible new vert anis item posted by you!!
  3. vert anis is a great color to add to a mostly black wardrobe. also red really adds nice color to a mostly black wardrobe. i don't think owning any green clothing is important since you wouldn't want to wear green with a vert anis bag anyway (too matchy matchy). maybe a scarf with some green in it would be nice though.
  4. Vert Anis is Fabulous with a neutral wardrobe--black, beige, taupe. brown, grey, white, even red.
  5. How well does vert anis work with red? Anyone have a picture? I've always had this picture of a Christmas tree when I envisioned myself in red and green :p
  6. gga - o/t I think green works very well with brunettes :smile: try using green eye shadows it will most definately pop the browns.
    Personally it will pop an all brown wardrobe and the red will pop an all black wardrobe more. But having said that, vert anis is a pretty neutral color.
  7. I adore Vert Anis and think it would look lovely with your coloring, esp. with the chocolate stitching. It looks great against jeans, neutrals and browns: it's not something I would wear with greens at all, except if maybe there's a similar color on a scarf or on a shoe. I do wear it on occasion with black, but I tend to prefer my red bags against black so VA sort of falls to the back when black is worn.
  8. Gazoo - I think green is fabulous on people with our coloring and I have been lusting after Vert Anis for ages. However..... I'm now looking at Chartruese (sp) too. Just to throw a spanner in the works :rolleyes:
  9. I'm a brunette with pale skin too and I also don't own anything green (except for two scarves) and I bought myself a Vert Olive Kelly! I know its a deeper shade than Anis but it's still green and for me, that was a MAJOR step toward some color.

    I never match this bag with just seems to go with my wardrobe which is almost all blacks and browns with a smattering of blue and white.

    I think it would make a fantastic, unexpected neutral in your collection!
  10. ITA!:yes: However you just have to see this color IRL and decide for yourself. For example, I love greens, I really do. Almost as much as I love browns. And my first H purchase was actually a vert anis bearn. However having said that, I cannot see myself with a green purse! Don't ask me why. I just don't.

    But my case is personal preference. I already wear enough earth tones as is (note: not blacks). So I think for me, a green purse would well... push me into the leprechaun territory.
  11. Maybe some visual will help? ;)

    Credits: from Hermes and Stars thread
  12. This is chartreuse. More muted, more yellowish than vert anis. Vert Anis is greeny.

  13. I just don't get vert Anis, its pretty but doesn't make my heart flutter. Then again I never looked at Gold(leather) twice and one day i woke up and had a love affair with gold, now i love everything in the goddamn color! So moral of the story: NEVER SAY NEVER
  14. My Vert Anis Retourne Kelly and Archangel's Vert Anis Sellier Kelly
    Vert Anis Kelly.jpg vert anis sellier kelly.jpg
  15. MrsS : Nice visual, oh thanks for vert anis/chartreuse rescue :p