How easy is it to get your grail Birkin? :P

  1. Well, i've decided on my Grail birkin,
    45cm tricolour birkin
    Etrusque sides and handles
    Havanne main body
    Brun Nacre flap

    I'm not really too sure about this, and how well it would co-ordinate, but it sounds nice and im hoping it would be cool, can anyone post pictures of the leathers listed above, and can you please also be brutally honest about how you think the bag would turn out :smile:

    Vivek :biggrin:
  2. That sounds like a special order, and if you aren't familiar with an SA or anything, it would take years more than likely. It sounds great though! I think a havanne main body and Etrusque sides and handles and flap would be nice in a bicolor so you don't run the risk of similar colors competing, kwim? But that's just my opinion! Good luck getting her! :heart:
  3. arghhh, exactly my worries, I hate all the Hermes SA's in England, I went in to buy my sister a couple of little things, and they treated me as if I wasn't going to buy anything, granted I was dressed really badly, as I'd just been to the gym, but, tbh, I don't think I should have to dress up to pop into a shop :S
    Anyway, do you guys reckon that was maybe because I was a guy looking at the scarves :p?
    Vivek :biggrin:
  4. ^
    No, I don't think it was because of the scarves. In that case they were acting like total morons. I've purchased a 70-70 scarf before, no problem. It was recommended to me by the sa after complaining about the size of the pochette though, so theycouldn't really treat me badly due to something they suggested. Anyways, I don't think the scarves have anything to do with it. There are probably husbands purchasing them for their wives all the time. ;) They're just bad SAs or having a bad day I guess. Try the next store, or pop in at some other time, maybe someone more friendly (or more sales-ambitious) will be at work.
  5. Hmm, yeah I hope so, the only boutique that i've had treat me properly so far is the Chanel boutique in Selfridges, and i've been in a fair few. Maybe im just a demanding person, but if im a customer that's potentially going to spend ~£4000 on a bag, why shouldn't I want the best :smile:
  6. Here's the thing. Stores are only allowed a certain number of special orders each Podium (Feb and July). And usually they are offerred to repeat customers who appreciate Hermes and have demonstrated it with a history of buying into the brand. It will take some time, but if you build a relationship with an SA, you might be offerred the honour of placing a special order. I believe it is a reward to good customers.

    This forum is a gold mine of advice on Hermes. I highly recommend diving into the history of threads here. There is wisdom here that will enlighten you.
  7. I suppose, but I don't want to have to buy lots of random items just to get to the Birkin to be honest, I mean the only other Hermes item that I think i'd use would be a Garden Party tote, so if I was to buy one of those, and then a couple more scarves/ties, do you think my SA would consider me "privalaged" (excuse the spelling, i'm falling asleep here :p) enough to place a special order, as i've allready been offered a special order for a KP from the Manchester store.
    Thanks in advance, byebye until tomorrow :biggrin:
  8. It's hard to say. I would definitely stay with the Manchester store if I were you. You can have your feeling about not wanting to buy a lot of other Hermes items, but that is how they reward good customers who embrace Hermes fully. Also, just because customers are offerred the opportunity to place a special order, does not guarantee that it will be made - or when it will be made. It depends on many other factors, such as the leather and color production when an order is placed.
  9. I second the advice to stick with the Manchester store (whose manager is very nice BTW). If you have already been offered a SO, maybe you can order another SO next podium
  10. it will get pretty tough to get just because of the mixture of leathers (not all colors are availavble in one skin) and i am not even sure if H does mixes skins in birkins.
    but yeah above is right the better your relaationship wit the tsa the better the chances are
  11. Helpmeplease: I know this answer doesn't sound encouraging but yes, it takes a long time to get a SO unless you are a super VIP of the store, i.e. based on your purchase track record with the store & your relationship with the SA or SM. It is adviseable to stick to a store from where you buy H items the most.

    SO also depends on availability of the leathers and if the combo is approved by Hermes in Paris. Different leathers will be offered on each podium and different countries will be offered different leathers, i.e. leathers offered to Europe stores will be different from the ones offered to Asia stores, etc.

    I know one of our members here did a SO for a Birkin and it came so sometimes miracles do happen.
  12. :smile: well, lets hope that does happen :biggrin:
    I've seen pictures of tricolour Birkins so i'm hoping its available
    But yeah, thanks for all the advice :smile:
    I might start going to the Manchester store more often, might buy a bit of ready-to-wear for s/s 08 :smile: