How easy is it to get a Birkin in San Francisco???

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  1. I think this depends on what state you are in and what the sales price is. I have always needed to pay state tax. The only exeption that I know is NYC and purchases under 150USD or so.
  2. My understanding is that USA does not have tax refund program as the federal does not collect sales tax but the state. Some states such as Oregon and New Jersery do not collect sales tax on "necessities" such as clothing (in New York it is clothing under USD 150 as pointed out) but they are the exceptions and as much as we tpfers think H items are necessities, I am not sure the state agrees :graucho:... Furthermore, within the same state, different county has different rate of sales tax. The only time you do not pay for sales tax is when you "ship" your purchase to an out of state where there is no Hermes store in that state.

    I am surprised that Hermes did not add sales tax on your receipt! If they didn't, I would be quite interested in knowing what documents did you present as that would save a lot of tpfers a lot of $$$!

  3. Did you ask if they have any at the back?