How easy is it to get a Birkin in San Francisco???

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'll be going to San Francisco in December and really want to get a Birkin (any color except brown, black, white). How easy is it to get one in the San Francisco store. Any idea?

    Any SA you can recommend?

    I am unable to get a Birkin in Hong Kong H store and if I HAVE TO get one I'll have to buy from a reseller. It's HKD 92,000 for a brand new 35 Birkin (roughly USD 11,975) and I believe I'll be paying a very high premium (?)

    Any thoughts?
  2. I was at the SF Hermes boutique in May and they had no birkins on the floor (none in the back either). I was looking for a kelly but my friend was hoping to score a birkin. The SA there (very nice, named Lydia Ho) helped us and told us that birkins there tend to be rare and if they receive any, they usually have customers on a list already waiting for them. Being that you're going there in might get lucky but since it's around Christmas I think it will be pretty difficult to score one. There were quite a few kelly bags there though...HTH
  3. Yes there are always Kelly on the shelf but not Birkins. Since you are not picky about the skin, you may get lucky. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

    You'll definitely have a better luck in Paris. Also no tax. CA sales tax is 9.xx% now.
  4. I was there on Wednesday and there is Birkin 35, swift, phw, pelouse on the shelf!!
  5. You need to get there when they first open. That's your best shot. They have had at least one on the floor the past few months when I've gotten there early. But if they open at 10 chances are they are gone by noon.
  6. I was there today and there was a 35 GHW red birkin on the shelf today. Get there right at 10am on Saturdays especially.
  7. They are definitely displaying more birkins on the shelves than in previous years. They had two on display when I was there in June. Still find it rather shocking!
  8. Thanks for all your insights!!

    Can anyone tell me how much do a 30 and a 35 Birkins retail for in USD? (I'm trying to figure out the tax I'll need to pay)

  9. Were you there in the morning when they first open?

  10. No, I got to the store about 2:00. Good luck in your quest. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  11. try Paris or fly to NYC instead..better chance
  12. You never know with the SF store, sometimes you can get very lucky. But there have been more Birkin sightings, either on the shelves or in the back in the past few months. Give it a try :biggrin:
  13. Aren't you allow to not pay tax if you have a different citizenship? At least Hermes did not add the tax on my purchases in the US. Many other stores were reluctant though.
  14. Maybe its just me but when I went to NYC for 5 days earlier this year, I never saw a birkin on the shelf at Madison or Wall Street. And I went everyday.