How easily does Darley scuff?

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  1. I think I am in love - I can't stop thinking about this bag! But my research has told me that it can scuff pretty easily. Not that I am rough with my bags, but since I have no comparison, I want some real life experiences!

    What are some of your experiences with their calf leather, would I be better off with the classic Natural Grain leather bag? I envision using this bag on weekends, maybe once in a while in the evenings.
  2. Unless you intend banging it off a wall I’d buy. It’s stunning.
  3. I have the Darley in the quilted smooth calf and it has no signs of wear. I use it in the evenings and it has spent a weekend in London going on the tube etc.
  4. Could you tell me where your quilted Darley is made? Someone told me that the Darley is made in Vietnam!
    I knew some bags were made in Turkey but I didn't know about Vietnam.
  5. Yes, I think it is Vietnam.
  6. Hi, did you buy this bag? I am lusting after it too!
  7. I have a small Darley in clay (small classic grain) and it has zero marks on it. I bought it when it first came out so it’s almost 3 years old now I think. Been using it a lot, perfect for running errands, travelling and as an evening bag.
  8. I have a Darley long wallet in porcelain blue. It’s the same leather as the bags. It’s been used non stop for nearly 3 years and hasn’t got a mark or crease on it. It’s still gorgeous and doesn’t need any babying!