How early is too early?

  1. to call someone's home who you do not know? i think anything before 9 am is rude and out of line-and, even if you do know the person well-before 9 am calls should be about something that needs to be taken care of then and there.
  2. yeah, nothing before 9 am... just coz they may still be having breakfast or something....
  3. I agree 9am is the earliest that I call someone at home, even if I do know them. On the other hand, how late should you call? I say 8.30, but we have people calling out house at 10 at night sometimes! Drives me nuts.
  4. I'd say between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. are acceptable. I have one older neighbor that sometimes drives me nuts by calling around 8:20 in the morning, right when I'm trying to get my daughter off to school.
  5. In my house: 9AM to 9PM are the incoming phone call hours. This even includes family, unless it's an emergency. I also honor those parameters when I call other people as well, unless they have specifically told me that later is acceptable. Even at that, I would never call after 10PM unless it were an emergency on our end.
  6. Yes and on weekends much much later!
  7. Growing up noone could call the house past 8pm. There wasnt a time too early since everyone worked fairly early and were up anyways.
  8. I think 9AM to 9PM is a good time frame. Personally I dont care when people call me, as long as it doesnt get too annoying. I love getting surprise phone calls (even though I dont think I'd even be awake before 9AM LOL I'm such a lazy butt). However when it comes to other people, especially someone you dont know, the mentioned time frame is a respectable one.
  9. In our house, the question is How late is too late? My daughter goes to bed at 8:30 on school nights, and I don't want the phone ringing after that time. We are up by 7 every morning, so early isn't a problem. ;) But I would say 9am to 9pm is pretty reasonable for calling hours.
  10. unless the person is a very good friend i stick by the 9 to 9 policy (heck, even most of my friends who i KNOW are up past nine i won't call after that). i think it's ingrained from my dad used to get quite upset when the phone rang after 9pm...

    when working with forgetful teens though, i've been known to call their cells before they leave for school and remind them to bring/do whatever it is they were supposed to bring/do that day....

    in my personal correspondance though, i try not to make phone calls before 11 in the morning unless it's urgent or that's the only way i can get a hold of them....i personally don't want to talk to anyone before then. :smile:
  11. For ME, I don't want you calling my house before 11 am because I'm up late all the time. So I would rather you call me at 11pm when I'm up than 9 am when I MIGHT be sleep. Because you are going to get the :censor: y Elongreach at that time.

    I always tell people don't break my sleep. It's hard enough for me to get there as it is.
  12. my house, i don't think such rules exist.

    i guess 9 am is the earliest time that people call...which is fine, although my family doesn't get up until around 10 (grandparents are up at 5am tho!!)

    as for how late...any time, really. we have 3 separate lines. 1 for grandparents, 1 for my parents, 1 for my room. my siblings and i also all have cell phones which are on 24/7 and hence ring 24/7 hehe
  13. I agree, if you dont know them before 9am is rude and after 9pm.
    I'd call someone before 9 only if i knew that person and that was the best time to reach them for whatever reason.
  14. Ok-then I am not crazy for being ticked off that someone called me at 8 am this morning? Argh-what do people think??
  15. 9am, b4 than better be an emergency.. and anything after 9, ten being the lastest is rude i think. Unless told other wise