how durable is your magic?

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  1. so....
    My mom and I were looking around Holt Renfrew on the weekend, and came across the magic bag (smaller size).
    I thought it was the cutest thing, and so did my mom. My mom almost purchased it, but it would have come out to $1200, so she hesitated (I think it was the zucca pattern....I guess I still need to read up on my fendi lingo :smile:

    I was wondering if anyone had any problems regarding the elasticity for the front pouch, or any other issues with the purse.
    I just thought the purse was really different looking. The SA told me it was a brand new style, but maybe that's a new style for cdns?
    Any suggestions regarding size at all? I didn't even know there was a larger size until I started searching on this forum.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I have the bigger size in leather and I have had no problems with any part of the bag. I like the bigger size better b/c I carry a lot. But if your mom doesn't the smaller might be better.
  3. I have had the large magic bag in the jacquard fabric for about a year...and I have had no problems...the elastic today is the same as when I purchased it...and actually it has become one of my favorite casual bags...I hope this helps...and Good luck with your bag search...
  4. I have the small one for a 1.5-2 years now and I haven't have a problem. It is one of my most durable bags. I could throw it around and manhandle it as much as I want and I know that it will hold up. I could, but I don't... :p I love the smallest size (large only come sin the zucca) and was going to buy another recently but was a bit disappointed with how the calfskin ones looked. BUT do get one, they are very durable bags. I absolutely love my mulitcoloured one!
  5. You folks are great!
    Thanks for the responses. I just wanted to double check with everyone before I fall in love with a purse.
    I'm glad to hear all of you are really enjoying the bag. It truly does inspire me to get one :biggrin: