how durable is the first?

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  1. just wondering cux i've been hearing news bout the overstuffing and the rivets coming apart.. anyone has bad experience.. r is it ok n fine?
  2. I've never really had problems with the first. I've heard about the odd rivet falling off from other people's stories but it wasn't just on the first style. That being said, the first isn't a bag for those who tend to carry a lot with them. I personally carry my first when I know I'm not going to need much with me. It's a great on-the-go bag!
  3. I have never had any problems with any bags and I do stuff my firsts with a lot. I also have older ones and nothing has ever happened. I am very careful with my bags though...
  4. good thread..i wonder the same :smile:
  5. I have a first and I haven't had major problems with it at all. It's pretty durable. The only annoying thing is that the tassels have split on one set, but other than that, the bag looks great.
  6. no problems for me, quite sturdy & durable!
  7. i have 2 flat brass firsts from '02 and they're both still great :P
  8. No problems for me either!
  9. I have 2 firsts and have never had a problem (knock on wood) and when I do use them, they are quite full too (I'm used to carrying quite a bit and have to downsize with the first though). :smile:
  10. I haven't had any problems with my firsts, but I never overstuff them. I pair down my items when I use my firsts. When I want to take everything with me, I use my twiggy or cities...
  11. I guess it's just an occasional defect?
  12. mine is pretty durable, but I am always careful to not over stuff it. But I've had 2 firsts and never had that problem!
  13. The first is my fav style. I have 3 firsts, a mini twiggy and a day. I did own a black city (bought it used) - one of the rivets on the front came off (I didn't notice when or where - just that it was gone). I assumed I knocked it with a door or something.

    The person that bought it from me took it to Bal NY and they replaced it for her.
  14. I've heard of 2 FW 04 bags with stud issues, so I think it was the season... and they were both firsts. I could be wrong of course and it could be a coincidence.
    Thankfully, the First limits you with its size in how much you can carry. Both my Firsts are holding up well - knock on wood!
  15. I haven't had any problems as of yet and I stuff it pretty well.