How durable is the denim fabric?

  1. Does anyone know how durable the denim fabric is?? I am thinking of buying the Flat Pouch to use as a cosmetics bag or even wallet. However, I am concerned about how the material may wear. What do you all think?? Should I chance it with the Flat Pouch or be safe with the monogram toilette case??

    PS--in terms of the monogram toilette case, which size is the best to get??
  2. I don't know if this helps, but I recall someone on this forum posting that she landed her Pleaty (or was it Mini Pleaty?) into a bucket of water (with detergent in it) accidentally and it came out unscathed after she dried it.
  3. Yeeesss!!! Sounds like it might be pretty durable. Thanks so much for the info:smile:
  4. I have a fuschia baggy pm and I'm not sure how durable it is. I always worry that the threads will come loose so I'm careful with it.
  5. I have gone to the LV boutique twice to see it IRL and each time it is sold out!! Grr....
  6. It's not the denim part you have to worry about, it's the cowhide. I turns patina very easily; water, sweat from your hand you name it. I freak out everytime my boyfriend try to move my Neo Speedy out of his way.
  7. I think its pretty durable.
  8. if you're going to use it as a makeup case you better get over that worry. I'd be more worried about my makeup making a mess inside the bag.
    Using it as a clutch or wallet is a great idea.