How durable is Mini Lin..does it snag at all??

  1. I really love this line..if anyone knows let me know how durable it is!! TIA
  2. Mini Lin is very durable no worries... Better than Gucci and other designers using canvas...
  3. I agree:yes:
  4. i have had my bucket since it first came out and still looks new...I use it almost every day
  5. Perfect timing... OT^ Does the bucket have two pockets 1 zip and no zip? TiA
  6. there's a zippered pocket inside I believe
  7. But, does it have another pocket like the Monogram. TIA
  8. Thanks ladies:smile::smile:
  9. Mini Lin is very durable
  10. Fantastic bag. Have used my Mini Lin Speedy almost constantly since Oct. and it still looks great. I may need the Mini Line Dune Noe. :love:
  11. Thanks ladies..I ordered the Mini Lin Speedy and matching pochette wallet and I think I will call Elux back tomorrow morning to add the cles:yahoo:
  12. I have had mine since November, have used it every single day & my kids also play around with it. No snags, no pils, its great!
  13. This is all so good to hear since everyday I am wanting something mini lin! God I love this place!
  14. i ve bucket and use everyday even in snow..

    no worries


    has new color come out Pink and baby blue..
    so cute color!!

    SA Oslo, show me the new color..