How durable is Coach patent?

  1. I bought the patent ergo hobo in mahogany a month ago and just carried it perhaps about ten times. I am now carrying the vintage ergo belted flap. I took the ergo hobo out of the dustbag today just too look at it and on the front pocket, there are tiny white specks as if the pigment is flaking off! :wtf: Is this normal? It is not coming off with a slightly damp cloth...

    When I bought it at the store, the SA informed me the coach patent wears very well and needs only a slightly damp cloth if dirty. Other than that, from this forum, I read about the patent sometimes being very crinkling and stiff. From the care card included, it only stated that Coach patent will lose its shine over time (too early to tell right now). I have also read from the Louis Vuitton website that their patent is delicate and will pick up color transfer from items such as magazines and other leather. So I am VERY careful with my bag. I want to get everyone's opinion before deciding if I should take it back to the store for inspection. Especially for coach patent owners, please let me know your experience with this material!
  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the mysterious white specks! :wtf: This is an important question for me too as I purchased two of the patent Coaches this past PCE, but if others are having the same problem both (or atleast one) are going back as I haven't used them yet or decided yet which one to keep.
  3. That is the very reason I decided against the patent tote - I was afraid of it peeling --- patent shoes are notorious for doing that.
  4. I have had no problems with my Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo whatsoever. Your problem may be an isolated issue with your bag. I have carried my bag exclusively from June 17th to September and no issues at all. The bag has worn very well for me and I love it. Take your bag into your store and see what they say.
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    I'm thinking of buying the new bleecker patent leather top handle pouch and would like to know how patent owners bags have held up since this thread was started.
  6. I bought the Francine in teal patent in the spring and have carried it every day. I'm certainly not easy on it and I was looking at how beautiful it is just today. It has softened up and I have noticed NO specking or flaking or anything. I have so many compliments on it. I paid full retail for it (yikes!) but love it. I hope if you decide to keep the patent, you will love yours as well. Patent is so good right now and for me, is so EASY to keep.
  7. Thanks! Do you have any pics? I would love to see how coach patent wears I'm going on Friday to look at a patent and worried because I tend to be hard on my bags.
  8. My coach ergo patent hobo peeled a lot I took it back they sent it for repair waved the fee and they sent me a credit for amount of bag it was less than a year old. I would take it back before it gets any worse
  9. My white Francine is ok so far (also keeping my fingers crossed). I don't use her that often though. Keep us updated.
  10. From your description, it sounds like the plastic coating is bubbling up, which may mean that it was not put on in the proper environment. I think they should replace that. I think eventually the glossy surface may wear down a bit, but from what I understand, it holds up very well if you care for it and keep it from cracking. Some people use vaseline or some type of oil (mineral oil) to keep the shine and prevent cracking. Prior to two Francines, I only had a Michael Kors patent bag, and so far no problems with any of them...but it's early days of course.