How durable are vernis agendas?

  1. I was thinking about getting the small ring agenda - has anyone had one for a while? How do they hold up? I'm thinking it will be in and out of my bag several times a day...

    Also, do the filofax inserts fit into it?

  2. i have one but not for long about 4-5 months. mine is in pomme and so far so good. i use it everyday and keep it in and out of my bag

    darker color is better cos it is less likely of color transfer.

    filofax inserts do fit into the small agenda. if i remember correctly the Personal size fits it.

    all you have to do is look at the number of holes and how far each hole is spaced to each other.

    for the small the 6 rings are spaced equally apart so look for inserts with the same feature.

    any idea what color you want? good luck
  3. well i'm not sure about the vernis agenda but i've been using a vernis cles for almost a yr and its in awesome. I by far dont treat this was care, I toss in my purse you know name it. Also never had an issue with colr transfer either onto lighter items. My vernis cles is pomme.

  4. Thanks for the info! I just spent $100 on a plum leather day timer and think it's too big. :sad: Not returnable since it's got my initials on it and i opened all the inserts. Oh well. But I want the VIOLETTE!! Have it in my cart at elux as we speak...I am a purple gal.
  5. go for it. i havent seen the voilette in person yet but with the pics around here i love the color. remember to post pics once you've got it.
  6. i've had my vernis agenda for over a year and its still good!!! love it!
  7. I've had a bronze, indigo, and framboise vernis agendas. All held up very, very well, no problems at all!
  8. Go for it! I love the new color!!
  9. They hold up pretty well. I have one in indigo and it looks great, I've had it since the spring..
  10. Oh, you guys are the worst enablers!!:p

  11. amarante cles has been getting a good workout for about 5 months and is doing fine!!