How dressy is Chanel classic flap?

  1. My DH and I are going to the opera in Feb. I am probably going to wear this really cute cocktail-length dress made of a sort of light taupe satiny fabric covered with black lace, with a black satin cumberbund-type sash thingy under the bosom, sort of empire-style. It is sleeveless but not spaghetti straps or anything. I am thinking of buying either Stuart Weitzman or (!!!) Christian Louboutin pumps to wear with it. I am hoping to get a Chanel flap for Xmas. If I do, and if it's black (DH insists on picking out the color), do you think it would be OK to carry with this ensemble? Or should I stick with a small evening bag?

  2. I would have to see the shoes. It would be nice to see a pic of the dress, but I think I have a good visualization of that.

    With out all that, my guess an evening bag would be better than a chanel flap... if you are going for the whole pretty woman richard gere/julia roberts thing.

    it's quirky but the bejewelled animals from the judith leiber line seem more appropriate for opera than a regular flap. but if you are in a more trendy city where people dress in purple w/bronze irridesance, exotic animal pants jsut as easily they would a dress to the opera tahn a flap would be okay.

    I am no bag expert. I have included pics so you can get an idea of waht I am talking about.
    chanel_2.55_metallic_alligator_bag.jpg leiber-tut.jpg other judith.jpg
  3. P.s. I am not suggesting colors/patterns are appropriate for your dress. I just wanted to show you what I was thinking.
  4. I think it would depend on the size. A small flap could pass as an evening. But generally, evening bags are small, so maybe a clutch or small wrist size.
  5. What about one of the lovely Chanel clutches?
  6. As your dress has a black lace overlay and is sleeveless, I would definitely go with a fairly plain black clutch bag (or a bag that you can hold in your hand, as you would a clutch).

    So, I would say that your Classic Flap, held like a clutch, would be perfect - as long as it's not too big. :yes:
  7. I was thinking, what about getting a 2.55, instead (or as well! ;) )?

    As that looks really good carried as a clutch. :yes:
  8. Thanks all! I want a jumbo flap so that's out as an evening bag. I didn't think it would be a good option, just wanted to see what y'all thought.

    Switzerland, those Judith Leiber bags are TDF but for that kind of money I would rather get a Louis Vuitton aumoniere, though I see elux is now out of the black ones....
  9. You can take a Chanel flap, or a bag that looks like one, absolutely anywhere. That is why it has been such a popular style ever since it dropped, so long ago!
  10. You thinK? I trust your advice, you are so wise! I guess I will just try it (when I get it) with the dress and see how I feel about it. I have never been too much of a slave to fashion "rules" , anyway.
  11. ^ Yeah I say why not try it?
  12. It's funny that you mention the prices of the Judith Leiber. I feel as though I could feed a small village or something with that dough. I remember as a kid, my mother and I went to the Waldorf Astoria just to look at the interior. We went into a boutique that sold Leiber bags. I saw a monkey that I thought was cute. However, my mother couldn't afford it. I think it was about 1200. Maybe it could have been an investment piece sold to a musuem or collector or something for 5k now.

    When I am more comfortable financially, I will invest in a piece and probably have it on display at my mansion. Maybe I will get a rotating table or something. But for the near future, my first bag of worth will probably be in the 250 range.

    p.s. I agree with the others that if the flap is small enough, you can wear it with your dress. I understand what you mean by liking bags of a bigger size - so please note I am being slightly hypocritical here. Since you want to have a flap not just for the opera, then a small wrislet/clutch would be better for that one event.
  13. madamefifi, you have honored me! Thank you! And let me add that others have offered you some very sound advice - size does matter. ;) If the jumbo ones are too jumbo, then take an Original Recipe size one (or charming facsimile)** - with you to the opera!

    ** My NotChanels have a rhinestone X on the clasp, which makes them very adaptable to evening events.