How Does YSL's Patent Leather Hold Up?

  1. Hi ladies......
    I'm usually on the "other" forum, but when I passed thru NM the other day, I looked at YSL's collection....OMG, the patent is TDF....soooo soft and smooth....

    I don't own ANY other brands besides LV, and now that I have seen what YSL has to offer, I'm asking for honest opinions as to how the patent holds up. I'm wondering if it dulls or loses its "luster" after being carried several months? Does it keep it's shine?
    How you do maintain it?

    I never thought I would consider another brand, but wow......YSL....gorgeous !!
    Thanks in advance for your opinions !!

    p.s. I'm eyeing a Tribute or a Down-town
  2. I've had my patent Downtown since July, and its holding up great. :tup: It's a textured patent, so its quite low maintenance and doesn't show fingerprints.

    Yesterday it was raining light-to-moderate all day and I carried my Downtown around while doing errands and shopping and it was just fine. (And I wouldn't carry my leather Muse around in the rain for fear of water spots.)

    YSL Downtown.JPG
  3. I have had a quilted Tribute since late August maybe and the patent is doing quite well. It has got a bit softer, but no scratches or rain damage so far.
  4. I have the Ivory large patent Tribute. I got it in about May or June. It's held up quite nicely, but I am very careful with all my bags. I liked it so much I have a black one on order too.

    I love patent leather. I always have!:love:
  5. Leelee...
    totally agree with u, i love patent too!!!

    i have a quilted croc patent tribute and a patent muse, love them both...and they held up well...also no scratches or rain damage!!!:woohoo:
  6. I agree with you too! Those are two really great advantages to quality patent leather. I'm envious of your bags! What I wouldn't give to have a patent muse! :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone, and thanks Cosmo, for sharing the pic of your gorgeous bag !!!!! Now, my next problem is WHICH one to get ?????!!!!!!!