How does your SO react to your bag purchases?

  1. my hubby knows my addiction to bags and shoes, and clothes. He was brought up to be a frugal man and only spends money on necessary items. Since we met, dated and got married, he would always spoil me on items that I lust after, whether he agrees if it's a good way of spending money or not.:p He, however, loves all my BV items. he said they are pretty and nonflashy like those logo conscious brands.

    This morning he told me he had a nightmare on bags-particularly on the bag he bought me as a push present. He is just amazed that how women could be so addicted to bags. And the words come out of his mouth is usually, "Honey, how many more bags do you really need?"

    He is at a point that he is being more understanding now. He knows that I have an uncurable addiction and he is going to live with it. At least I don't question his addiction to Wii, PS3 and frequent trips to BestBuy :graucho:

    so that's his transition...Is your SO like him or you are fortunate to have one that supports your addiction all the way? :roflmfao:
  2. My husband is not too thrilled about my bag addiction. He particularly hates anything with logos. My veneta was the first bag that he semi-approved of. He admired the quality of the leather and workmanship and liked that it didn't have logos. He said he could maybe understand the price of BVs because of the quality. That said, he doesn't get to complain too much since I work and although it will change in a few years after his residency, I'm currently the primary income. He may not agree with spending what I spend on bags, but he does respect that I work hard and deserve to spoil myself sometimes.
  3. catabie "Honey, how many more bags do you really need?" :rolleyes: i suggest u always pass the answer dear!!:roflmfao:

    Tibu its like you are talking about my eldest brother.. i bet when i show him (oh well i mean force him to see!!) my new BV, he would have the same re-action!! since he dislikes bags with logos! lets wait and see! :nuts:

    mmmm well i am not married yet :heart: but i will talk about my sweet mother.. as i dragged her with me during my corallo purchase! she for the very first time said while i was hesitating to buy accessories after i chose the veneta.. she said: darling buy them.. u worked so hard all year long.. you deserve them!! and add to that!! (this is also a big thing comming from her!! loool) she erged me to choose the veneta in corallo as she loved it + she voted for it against the other colors and styles!! :nuts:

    seems BV will have fans in my family!! :okay:
  4. My SO is just like yours catabie. He will spoil me sometimes by indulging me in bags that I like. However other times it can be frustrating when he keeps questioning what I spend, especially if it's my own money. He also has a slight tendency to let price point influence his opinion on a bag, ie the cheaper the better! I'm trying to change his mindset to buying one handbag that you love equals buying 3 handbags you like. I can't imagine what marriage will be like when money is pooled together. :p
  5. My DH is the same way. Doesn't really see the point to spending alot on his clothes but actually likes my clothes and accessories. He doesn't really pay attention to the individual bags so much as he likes the whole look of an outfit. He really spoils me with jewelry.
  6. My hubby says that I get his clothes and shoes dirt cheap, so that I have money for my purses! I told him that at least I buy him clothes and shoes...:whistle:
  7. You are so funny, kiss-P.:lol: That's a very good answer.

    Catabie, you are very fortunate to have a sweet and understanding DH.

    My husband can't see why women spend so much on a bag, and buying not just one bag but many. He shops only once a year for all his clothing, shoes, necessities.....but he does not look at the price tags when he shops. After buying him a LV wallet for his Bday gift many years back which he still uses now, he has come to understand why some good quality bags are so expensive. Now he does not complain about my LV and Chanel collection as I'm spending my own $$$. The only thing he dislike so much is my Balenciaga. In his eyes, that louzy slouchy wrinkly bag probably costs only $100 or 200 the most. Yesterday I dragged him to the BV store and he showed no interest at all.....:sleepy: I guess I still have a long way to go convincing him.
  8. DH is definitely getting more "metro" and learning to appreciate nicer things - sometimes he wants to get *gift credit* for bags I've purchased to get him off the hook for birthdays/holidays. But those are usually bags I purchased with sale-goggles on so I tend to unload them before the next holiday which disappoints him. But I tell him if it were truly a bag that HE chose for me, then I'd cherish it FOREVER! I always pay for the more expensive bags.... they still cost less than all the kayaks he buys/does not use and I remind him of that when he rides me!

    DH doesn't quite *get* woven BV either (he can't get past MJ). To my surprise he DID love Julie in Poudre so she's my latest and best-ever gift (although he teases it will also cost a pic of Julie and sumthin' neked! :roflmfao:)
  9. My BF likes quality items, however, he is still a man, he buys things only when necessary (good quality necessary items). He disapprove the idea of collecting material things, and like your hubby, never fully understand why women needs so many bags too, LOL. On the opposite, he do understand why women need so many shoes, :roflmfao: (honey what is the difference?). It just, he considers buying one quality (expensive) bag is enough, and as long as it didnt break, why buy another one, :rolleyes:. Even if I want to buy a very very expensive bag as long as the money is available and the bag last so many years, it is totally fine with him, BUT, if I bought one expensive bag, then in the next day or weeks craving for another one in another colour, THAT he couldn’t understand.
    But he is such a sweetie. I convert him, and now he (tries to) understand women at least need 10 bags for different purposes:p.
  10. :roflmfao::tup:
  11. DH appreciates quality and fine items but also buys when necessary. So he too finds it difficult to understand why women need so many bags and shoes and clothes - like "don't you already have those black shoes/jeans/[______] ". He likes that I make the effort to “dress up” (clothes, shoes and bag ensemble) though. And that I'm into understated bags (he just can't stand logos).

    And he never fails to “remind” me that because of me (and my love for fashion), he now knows more about fashion than he needs to. He “blames” me for his checking out what bags and shoes (mostly bags, as he can't tell shoes apart aside from those red sole ones) other women have and reporting them back to me. He would nudge me, confirms his knowledge and beams satisfactorily when he gets it right. :rolleyes:
  12. My DH can tell a Coach from a LV from a BV--I'm so proud of him! And he too blames it on me. He can also pick out a pair of Louboutins based on the soles. Can I say again, I'm so proud of him! That being said, if I wasn't paying for my bags and shoes out of my own money, he would have a heart attack everytime I buy something. He came from poor background so even though we do well, he still has the "thrifty" gene that inhibits him from understanding why I need multiple shoes and bags. OT, my sister and her 3 yr old son were visiting and looking over my collection of shoes and bags. Her son said, I like them but there are no red shoes, mom! I told my husband, see, even my nephew says I need more shoes!:roflmfao:
  13. Hi Ouija Board, besides calling at the wrong hour, DH is also part of the reason I did not get the Marquis Veneta you mentioned earlier. He just could not understand what's the difference between THIS BROWN PURSE and my other BROWN PURSES. :oh: At the end, I just had to give up calling so not to
    see that big question mark on his face. Haha.

    I guess all DH have one thing in common. They simply can't understand why women need so many bags!!
  14. How funny ms piggy - my DH does the same thing! :roflmfao: But it really doesn't work when he calls in his sightings since his descriptive skills are lacking. And he'd probably get arrested if he started snapping pics of women's bags! LOL! I just say honey, you really don't have to do this for me...:p
  15. my hubby still has a hard time pronouncing bottega veneta~but he likes my BV collection alot--i guess it has to do with the fact that he has no idea how much they cost~

    but hubby loves to see my happy face when i get a bag of my dream. to him then it's worth every penny.