How does your man/family react to your Coach addiction?

  1. Ok, I just have to post about this because it totally cracked me up today...

    So, my elephant keyfob came in today and my boyfriend was at home when they delivered it. So, after I left work, I stopped at the grocery store to get some things and called him to ask him if he needed anything and he was like, "Babe, what did you get from Coach?" I knew it was my elephant, so I was just like, "oh, its JUST a little keychain, nothing big!"

    I opened the box as soon as I got home and showed it to him and he just shook his head and was like, "You have a SERIOUS problem! This is not even funny anymore...I can't believe you are buying accessories for your accessories! What is wrong with you?! You just got that pink bow (LOL, A.K.A. Hamptons Dot Scarf), and now this?!" I just started laughing because it's so true! I just loved the whole 'accessories for your accessories'. I think he thinks its funny, but then sometimes I feel bad because we BOTH really want a new tv for our apartment, so he just started adding up all of the money I have spent on Coach over the past two months and said that could have gone towards our new t.v.. Oops! :rolleyes::upsidedown:

    How does your man and/or family react to your Coach addiction?
  2. haha... thats funny fashionista... I go thru the EXACT same problem with my boyfriend... ever since I signed up with TPF I have been on here NONSTOP and all I talk to him about is COACH... COACH this, COACH that... he says the EXACT same thing to me... he says "you have a serious problem" lol... and the funny thing is, I don't even own a huge "collection" of COACH bags... well not yet! :graucho: But I mean I kind of give him some grief when I tell him about all the video games, etc that he spends his $ on and that he shouldn't give me any... haha... we haven't fought about it to where its a problem because my $ is MY money!! haha... I just think its funny too, I'm with ya fashionista... my boyfriend KNOWS that I have a COACH problem... he's like "its like crack to you" and I'm like "i know!" LOL :lol:
  3. I try to open boxes and sneak in bags, it works till I bring it out to use it and then my husband rolls his eyes and asks how many bags do I really need. I told him I was putting myself on a self imposed ban and he rolled his eyes and said "for how long, until you see another good deal on something you MUST have". Seriously, I have been good, I am looking but not buying :biggrin: And then today he saw me logging onto the forum and he said, "they actually have a purse site". He was a bit shocked, I usually log on when he is at work, but he was off today. He thought it was soooo funny.
  4. I am really lucky because my DH is very supportive of Coach 'addiction' especially when it comes to small cute things like keyfobs/charms. He actually was just as excited when I got my elephant keyfob today. He was like "I want one!" lol. I am really lucky to have him, but then again, I also know when to buy and when to save. For instance, because I just got the signature patchwork tote from DH for Valentine's day, I am not going to buy/get any other bag until around May (my birthday) & summer when I hit the outlets in Vegas (unless I see something I REALLY like hahaha). Until then, I'll feed my 'adiction' with small things like wrislets/charms/keyfobs/scarves. :p:supacool:
  5. Lol.. He just says I have a addiction with purses.. xD
    but then he's a total enabler..

    Him: "I get paid next week/two weeks! We can get something pretty then. :smile:"
    and of course "pretty" is just a key word for purse. xD

    Lmao.. TOTAL ENABLER... I TELL YOU.. :biggrin:

    But he has his thing too.. games/computer/electronics really.. Haha.. and I enable him with those things.. We just mutually spoil eachother.. haha.. :smile:
  6. They just think I'm crazy obsessing over purses. My husband supports it but my mom always tells me i need to stop spending money and start saving. Oh well...
  7. Well my DF thinks that spending anything over $20 for a purse is ridiculous, so I always fudge a little bit about the price. But I've really only bought one purse on eBay for $180, and another at an outlet for a little over $60 so far.

    But in all fairness, I just found out he bought an expensive external hard drive for his computer that he "neglected" to tell me about, hehe. I think this justifies another purse!
  8. My boyfriend laughs about it and supports it by going to the store and suprising me with wish list items.

    My mom says that I give too much to people and they take advantage so she prefers me to spend on me. (Plus I love getting her things too she now has 5 coach bags)

    My Dad thinks I have a big problem and that I am completly obsessed, but then I remind him that at one time I was buying one Chanel per month and he shuts up. haha I know I'm bad, but like I tell them "you still love me so deal with it"
  9. Haha, this is a great thread!

    My boyfriend of three years used to roll his eyes everytime I checked the Coach website or window-shopped for purses on eBay. Now, he's a little more lenient. If I can find a purse on eBay for under $200, he says that's a good deal. Then he thinks about what he just said, and says, "Did I actually just say that? What have you done to me!?" :lol:

    The other month, we went to the outlets in Gilroy. Of course, I had to drop by the Coach outlet. I spent a half an hour looking around, but couldn't find anything I liked except a gold fish keyfob. But I thought $16 was expensive for a keychain. So we left and went to grab lunch. But while I was eating, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So afterwards, I asked him if we could go back to the Coach outlet. He rolled his eyes, and drove back to the place. I practically jumped out of the car and nabbed one of those keyfobs. I love it so much! On the hour long ride back home, I kept fondling and playing with it. He asked me how much it cost, and I told him. He rolled his eyes and couldn't believe I spent that much on a keychain! :lol:

    But he's pretty supportive of me now. He bought me a wallet and gallery tote. :love: He still makes fun of me when I log onto tPF though. Whenever we're on the phone or I'm with him and on my laptop, he asks, "Are you on that stupid purse forum?" Lol, he knows me too well.
  10. My boyfriend used to roll his eyes at me but he's been quite an enabler lately!! It's awful!

    My dad doesn't really notice, and my mom USED to be a little annoyed but now she's jealous :graucho:
  11. DH thinks it is a lot of $ but he doesnt complain- he has his comic books and dvd collections.
  12. bf is okay with it, he likes to spoil me.

    but two weeks ago when I got my new carly I went to show my dad and he made me feel so bad. He was all "360 for a purse?" I cant believe you made your bf buy u that. that is so wrong he is not rich. he works just like everyone else." I was so upset that I started crying I even thought I was going to return it.

    But then I called me bf and hes like dont worry about it, I bought you that bag for you to be happy not for you to cry about it. You love that bag and if u return it I am going to be so mad. I can do whatever I want with my money and I wanted to buy you that bag!

    :love::love: He made me feel so much better. I dont know whats wrong with my dad, I know its a lot of money, but its not like its my first one!

    What bothered me the most is that he complains to my mom that we dont tell him or show him things like we do to her. (We always sneek our bags in or leave them in the car) and when i finally show him he tells me this! Thatll be the first and last time...

    What I dont understand is that he isnt even cheap! He just has a problem cuz my bf buys me "so much" stuff.
  13. gabz... your hubby collects comic books? How do you feel about it?

    My bf just got into them "again" about a month ago and has been going with his friends on an excursion to the comic book store about 30 mins away every sat. since then. Honestly, I think its kind of funny, but I try to be supportive because he's supportive of my obsessions. lol He comes back like omg look what i found! He even went looking for his old collection and found it!

    He also collects sports memorabilia and just got an authentic muhammed ali which lemme tell you was alot more than a carly.. lol
  14. oh my bad- an authentic muhammed ali autograph... I left that part out!
  15. He thinks I'm crazy but he goes with me to the outlet when I need a fix. He also will let me know if he likes something when I look on ebay. He has his own addictions, the main one is hunting and he spends way more on that than I do on bags!