How does your light coloured Miumiu bags look? + pic of my alumino bow bag =)

  1. Hi ladies,

    i requested for some votes awhile back when i could not decide between alumino and black bow bag and nw, i finally received my much awaited bag!
    thank you ladies for your all your replies , i am posting my pic just to share :tender:

    here it is!

    i got car grease onto it about 5 minutes into using the bag :crybaby: thankfully, i was able to rub it out rather easily but i sure got into panic mode after that.... checking out the bag once every few minutes :p

    just wondering how you ladies keep up the look of the bag? are there anything that i can apply onto the leather to protect it or to make it last longer?
    i am sucha slob so light coloured bags normally don't last that long for me but i really want this bow bag to stick around with me for as long as possible!


  2. congrats!!!! i recently purchased this bag a couple days ago and it is so very gorgeous! i'm in love..
  3. I was also wondering if anyone has used protection spray-Apple Guard? (I know people have used it on Balenciaga...)
  4. Looks awesome. You purchased the right one. I used Apple Garde, only on my Bal bags. Seems like it would work on any leather bag, though.
  5. Great colour. Avoid wearing denim with light coloured bags.
  6. thank you! i do have some apple garde with me so i am going to give it a try!
  7. I have some too...let us know how it looks !:smile:
  8. will update as soon as i have e time to do it! :graucho:
  9. it|s so pretty, congrats!
  10. Love that bag! Congrats!