How does your husband (or significant other) feel about your bag fetish?

How does your significant other feel about your bags?

  • Clueless: Can't tell an LV from a bag from Walmart

  • Tolerates them

  • Have to hide the bag and the packages from my partner

  • My partner has more bags than me

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Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
Hi all!

I'm just wondering how your partner feels about your bag collection? Mine is pretty good. He got me LV for the past 3 xmases and a BH when I had our first daughter. He also shops the Coach outlet and brings things he thinks are cute home for me. He'll go into the boutiques and listen to me talk about bags too. BUT since I've found this forum and became officially obsessed he thinks I am nuts!!! (I think I am...I NEED more bags!)

How about all of you?

Jen Loves LV

Aug 19, 2006
He buys them for me all the time, and is convinced he is becoming gay (LOL) cause he knows the different styles and material they are made of... he can even list bags on my wishlist, so i'm expecting to see them for gifts in the near future!


Dec 27, 2006
Hi everybody - my husband is unsuspecting what I'm wearing on my shoulder... at least most of my bags he doesn't know. Well, I was so excited to buy my first Hermes Birkin that he noticed there happend something very special... :tender: And he knows Hermes of course... But I'm wearing my Chloe bag (Paddington) incognito also my Marc Jacobs, my Celine, Loewe... He is really naive what a handbag could cost... On the one hand it's perfect because I never have to discuss about my madness, but on the other hand he never will present me one...:girlsigh:


Jul 17, 2006
He lets me drone on and on about the latest bag which caught my fancy, and then he ALWAYS says the same thing "buy it if it makes you happy baby" :P But of course. He's not the one paying for 'em! :Push:


Sep 17, 2006
My hunnie SUPPORTS my purse addiction!!! :graucho: :yahoo: He practically bought my entire collection for me! It's good to have the support and understanding for something I love so much from someone I love so much!

It's really funny how much I've taught him and how he can point out fakes on other girls now...hahhaa.


Sep 13, 2005
He didn't use to care much when I bought them for myself, then whined a little when I started requesting them for special occasion gifts. He tolerates them now, but I don't really care for expensive designer purses anymore! Oh well...

I have him trained, though, and he gets a kick out of pointing out fakes to me in public.


Jun 28, 2006
My husband knows of my purse addiction. He doesn't know how much everything "really" costs. I usually say it was on sale or cut the price in half or something like that. I'm slowly breaking him in. LOL


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
he doesn't mind my bag habit as long as it comes after bills and savings. i think (i hope?) gradually he's turning to the dark side of designer wares. :yes:

for example: a few months ago i bought a cheap evening clutch he hated for a friends wedding....on the same big city trip we were in the chanel boutique and he saw the small pink flap bag with the heart chain and remarked "you know, an evening bag like that wouldn't be so bad."

believe me, in a few years, i'm holding him to it. :biggrin:
Jul 21, 2006
My PHH finds my attraction to handbags fascinating. He actually very recently started asking me if I could spot a fake when we are shopping together, and sometimes he will point one out and say, " that real"? I can spot the obvious ones. I think he is getting in to it since I gave him some handbag choices that I wanted for Christmas, and he came through like a champ. I recently learned about the virtues of power drills from him before Christmas, so that I could be sure to pick the right one for him. See! It goes hand-in-hand. :supacool:


clutch ho!
Dec 16, 2005
My husband is very sweet and supporting when it comes to my bag obsession, maybe a little too sweet as he never says no to me :shame: He has bought me most of my bags and is getting extremely familiar with all the different designers and lines. Last month he went on a business trip and when he came home he started to describe, in detail, a Vuitton bag he had seen at the airport "you know, from the line I like the most" meaning epi leather :lol:

Kathy K

Feb 24, 2006
My husband just plain thinks I'm nuts. I earn my own money, so he doesn't really care, but he definitely just doesn't get it. In his mind, I can only carrry one at a time anyway, so why on earth would I need more than one? Wear one, replace it when it's worn out. For that matter, he can't figure out why I need more than one pair of black shoes, multiple pairs of black slacks, etc. So long as he doesn't pick on me, it's just fine with me.