How does your city "sit"?

  1. I have a Black City and she is soft and smooshy and wonderful. When I sit her down her handles fall over to one side. Does this happen to all citys or do most citys stand up right?

  2. My '05 City slouches and slumps all over whatever's in her when I sit her down. She has NO posture to speak of!
  3. Bal leather is super soft and smooshy so of course your city won't stand up on its own!

    Your city will stand up though if you have stuff in it to help keep it upright. :biggrin:
  4. all of my bbags just collapse! actually I think they're famous of not having any posture- they'd probably fail ballet class! :p
  5. Mines is always flat on her back :smile:
  6. sitting like a drunk!
  7. I stuff her so she holds her shape when I'm not using her...

    When I am using her (unstuffed) she slumps - so I try to hang her on a chair etc if she isnt being carried...

    Same thing with my Twiggy...
  8. :nuts: Wow! I was just about to say like a drunk couch potato. We think alike:wlae:
  9. :roflmfao: mine too. We need to go to bbag rehab and our slouchy bags need to go to AA. ;)
  10. Mine has really bad posture... :p flailing about!
  11. No posture to speak of!
  12. Ha ha.. that's the cutest description ever! :roflmfao:
  13. This is my favourite part of my bags! i sit them down and they look so cute and adorable just like a little kid shrugging and slouching! Makes me want to dannccee!:cutesy:
  14. That just conjured up the most amusing scene in my head! :amuse:
  15. Mines are sitting like a drunk too. No posture at all to speak of.