How does your Chloe smell?

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  1. The thread about a stranger asking to sniff a Chloe inspired me to take a whiff at my Paddys. I have always thought the smell of my Paddys is quite distinctive, fairly different from my Balenciagas and my Luellas, although each has its own "leathery" smell.

    I joined the Purse Forum *after* I got my first Paddy from Bluefly and was shocked at the allegations that Bluefly might be selling fake that I agonized over it for many days, combing the internet for pictures of authentic Paddys to compare with mine. Actually, what finally clinched it for me that my Bluefly Paddy is authentic was when I went to my local Chloe retailer (one of only two in my country) and every Paddy they had smelt exactly like mine. All my subsequent Paddys (4 in possession, 3 on the way) also share the same distinctive smell, some stronger than others, but the same underlying scent.

    I think while the eye can be fooled by super-fakes, it is quite a different matter to fake the same smell. If only we could sniff all the Paddys on ebay, I think we could authenticate them much more easily.

    What do you think? Do you Chloes have their distinctive smell?
  2. I think all leathers smell differently depending on what brand it is.
  3. That's a good question. I have yet to own a chloe but I have noticed this with my other bags.
  4. It's very distinctive...i've owned, and still own, several leather bags - Mulberry has it's own unique and delicious smell, Botkier has it's own smell and so does Chloe.:love:

    Each bag is different depending on the treatments used, the leather, the quality, the dyes - a bit of everything.

    My paddy...well, i just have to admit, i could sit there sniffing it all day and night!!:shame:
    (Wouldn't get anything done though...:graucho:)
  5. Hmm, i'm not one for smells, but i can touch my paddy all day!!! LOL the leather is delicious!!!! That's probably why i've been carrying her a lot lately.
  6. How does your Chloe smell.... heaven! Chloe bags have the strongest leather smell, in my experience (which is limited to LV, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci and Chloe).
  7. Bumping this up to share... :P

    I have my medium black Betty satchel in my desk drawer at work. Every time I open the drawer, the most fantastic Chloe leather scent drifts up. :nuts: It's the same with my Balenciaga except that I like to touch the leather and play with the tassels. :wtf:

    Anyone else like to smell their Chloe? :graucho: :roflmfao:
  8. Oh My Gosh! Thanks for brightening up my day! i laughed and smiled....I totally agree with you! I smelled my Paddy yesterday and each time i get new one I smell it...Yummmmm:smile: I even had my teenage son smell it, and he liked it too!
  9. I agree that leather smells differ from brand to brand. Chloe leather smells nothing like LV Epi leather. Both are divine!
  10. My paddy is soooo soft, but does not really smell. My Edith bowler has a great smell though!!
  11. very yummy!
  12. My Chloes smell delicious! I bought one of my Chloes on Ebay and I was 99% sure it was authentic and when it was delivered my friend even said fake can't smell that good!
  13. Really? My Paddy has the same smell as my Betty! :nuts:

    Love it! :tup:
  14. I only own Chloes but they have the same leathery smell. I think it's fantastic!
  15. Mostly I love the feel of the Paddy leather. I know the seasons are different, and I must say I prefer the late season '05's. I notice the smell on a couple of my bags, and I agree it is distinctive, but the FEEL is what gets me.