How does your 'Chain Around' hobo hold up for everyday use?

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  1. Hello,

    Any 'Chain Around' hobo owner...please chime in. I am considering buying this style. I was told the leather was distressed lambskin and wouldn't be as delicate as regular lamb. I don't know if I can believe my SA. Any f/b would be helpful. TIA!
  2. I don't know much about the hobo, but I have the Maxi style in black which is very easy to take care of. I didn't get it into anything major disaster though, but since it's distressed already, there's no warry about the "wrinkle" and loosing shape. I think it's a good everyday bag.
  3. Thank you Vink :smile: This style may not be so popular...only your lone feedback here, but I really appreciate all the same. I hope there is pretty good chance people won't recognize this bag when carry :graucho:
    I am thinking between 'Chain around' and 'Chain me' hobo. The fact that 'Chain me' hobo has two big CC logo stitched on both sides gave me pause. I planned to carry 'Chain around' with the back side out. With triple-tier-chain for a shoulder strap, there is lots of blink on a bag this small.
  4. hey Pandora! i don't have the hobo, but i have the med chain around cross body. i love it and it's a perfect daily bag. i prefer distressed calfskin to use everyday over lambskin because it's less prone to marks, scratches, etc...

    do you have a pic? i'd love to see it!
  5. I think it's a beautiful bag. I wanted to get it, too, but couldn't find one. The SA told me we only got like 4-5 of them, all in black and it's sold out fast. I sometimes envy the US that they get so many models in more quantity for each, plus, the Chanel there do have sales. We never have sale here. :sad:
  6. I also don't have the hobo, but the maxi flap, and I love the leather!! The original batch was made in aged/distressed lambskin, which is pretty durable and the later seasons were made in a washed lamb...also pretty durable. The thing about this wash/distressed lamb is that scratches won't be an issue because of the treatment of the leather. :smile:
  7. I have the 12C chain around messenger size medium and it is way more durable for day to day than my lamb, IMO... I prefer/carry bright/seasonal colors in Chanel, and my CAM is a deep/bright periwinkle-ish blue and I have not had to be nearly as delicate with it as my 11A green lamb or 12P pink lamb... There is not so much as a single speck of a flaw on the CAM where my green lamb got a tiny pin-prick snag on the lamb with one use. While I do not abuse the CAM by any means, I definitely carry it with ease, and get compliments by the dozen every time I use it, which has been as long as two weeks at a time each month this summer. (I am super lazy about switching bags- just used my 12A red jumbo first time ever Saturday and I got it mid-late July)
  8. your SA is right as this bag is more sturdy than regular lambskin,,i have a maxi chain around and trust me after using it soo much,,, it still looks great with no visible wears or scratches can be seen like the regular lamb leather. however the only downfall is that its alittle heavy due to all the chains. my bag is black in color and there are no fadings either,,i would recommend this leather type to all.
  9. Thanks for the info. Yes I did have some pictures. Just picked up my bag today. Please see my little reveal below :love:

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  10. WOW! Beautiful bag!! Congrats!! I like yours more than my messenger hmm... lol
  11. Vink...just in case you want to add this style in your collection, I know there is one in Black and may be a few in Blue at Nordstrom Topanga 818-884-7900. I think they can ship internationally.
  12. Thanks for the info bluekit, queenofshopping, ivyle :smile: I decided to take her home. Please see my little review above.
  13. Oh it's gorgeous! Could you do a mod shot? I wanted this in blue but I haven't seen it here in Australia yet and was wondering if it fits a lot ( it's out of this or a gst and I need to fit nappies, toys etc for my little one :smile: thanks ( do they come in more sizes and how much was it) sorry for all the questions! Thanks in advance :smile:
  14. Nice! Is tis fall or cruise collection?? Do they also have the flap version as in chain around flap?
  15. I found some old thread with one of our tpf members did a modeling. Hope it helps. I also attached a snap shot showing how much stuff this bag can handle. The picture couldn't show everything I put in. Here is the list: 1 french wallet, 1 sunglasses case, 1 paperback book, 1 full size (5.2 oz) L'Occitane hand cream, 1 key pouch, 1 cosmetic bag (about 5"x5"), 1 hairclip, 1 bottle of water. There is still enough room for a box of peppermint, some napkin and 1 small bottle of disinfectant gel :smile: With everything, I can still fold the flap down. Because the bag is so light weight, I have no problem carrying it when filled. I was so surprised myself. I usually don't carry much...just my wallet, key pouch, a lip gloss and sunglasses. GST is more structure and heavier IMO.

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