How does Wiretransfer work?

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  1. Those paying surgeries through wire transfer, how did you do it? I know that Wiretransfer is different from cards so they don't charge that extra 10% but I'm kind of confused how clinics handle this. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. The clinic will give you some details, similar to doing a regular payment or funds transfer: Account name, account number etc plus also a Swift code. This is an international code for the bank that they use.
    Through online banking you should be able to create a new international payee and your bank's website will prompt you to enter all of the above details. In Australia (with my bank anyway) security is handled through an SMS system, meaning that you may need to receive a code via SMS that you then enter into online banking to confirm the payment. And um, then your done!
    It may be slightly different depending on your country, but I imagine it would be somewhat similar. Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll do my best to help out.
  3. Do you have kakao? I would like to ask you more about this.. Do you think it will be easier to just take cash?
  4. Is wiretransfer transferring money from a bank card? I'm bringing my Chase card with me and I'd like to avoid the 10% fee :sad:
  5. A wire transfer is not using a card. It is called a telegraphic transfer or t/t. Its transfering funds from one financial institution to another. So if I wanted to put a deposit at a clinic im doing surgery at, I would perform a t/t transfer via my netbanking.

    You log into your net banking on the international transfer function, enter the Swift code BSB account number Account Holder Name etc all of which should be provided by the clinic and then voila. Regarding fees its usually a flat fee. My bank charges like 20 dollars i believe to transfer. HOWEVER, remember exchange rates may be ****ty using this method so call up your bank in advance or check their buy/sell rate on the day.
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    What's the typical fee (from the Korean bank side) if one pays through a visa debit card? Does anyone have any experience using that?
  7. I only ever use credit card when im in korea and the bank fees are abysmal. What you have to take into consideration is the exchange rate at the time. But using a credit card you almost always get the best exchange rates anyway