how does vintage feel?

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  1. I have only tote bags, but i am dying for a jumbo in red or beige. Due to price increases, this leaves me with vintage. question- How does the leather feel? Does chanel leather feel/ look "old", overly stiff on these? I am probably interested in caviar, but will settle for lamb if it is a great deal and I know how my gst from 2 years ago feels. Does it feel "dry" after so man years?
  2. I have two vintage bags. The leather on both is wonderful, not dry at all. They are both lambskin so I can't speak to how caviar would feel but I love my vintage bags and am extremely impressed with how well they've held up over the years.
  3. none of my vintage chanel bags (lambskin & caviar) are dry ... matter of fact, I think the leather is more supple and of better quality than today. And you can always send it to Chanel for complete refurbishing for ~$265.

    My motto is buy vintage at the best price and send to Chanel!
  4. I have three vintage, all lambskin, and they have all held up beautifully over the past few years. I don't take the best care of them but they're all still very soft. I have a super old tassel flap (serial # starts with 1) and it is still softer than all my other bags so I would say definitely go with a vintage :tup:
  5. great! love chanel flaps, just can't afford a new one, just didn't want to be dissapointed and you can't tell from pics. I have either a 6 or 8 timeless shopper in beige, but don't use it because the handles are only 6" and I need something I can put on my shoulder. I see a beige jumbo flap on ebay that is a 3? and am considering it- didn't know if I should spend a little more for an older, but more useful bag. ( and sell the shopper to finance it) thoughts?
  6. Most of my vintage bags are 0-series through 3-series. They've held up beautifully for being close to 30 years old.

    Depending on what you carry in your bag, consider and XL jumbo. XL in red is HTF and will be pricy, tho.