How does UPS leave your package?

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  1. Ok this is a big problem for me because if I am not there to pick up the package when they knock, I don't have a car to drive to wherever the send the package to to pick it up.

    So I was wondering, how exactly do they deliver? I am receiving using worldwide expedited service. Also, if they do in fact take the package because I am not home, can I arrange an alternate pickup time?

    Thank you very much everyone in advance.
  2. if the packate requires a signature confirmation, they will leave you a door tag w/trackig #, advice next delivery date. 3 attempt to deliver, then the 3rd tag will remind you no more attempt, you must pick up at certain branch w/n certain day or it will be return to sender. If you knew their delivery time(from 1st door tag) is not going to work with you, just call and let them know you will pick it up personally.
  3. I've heard of some buyers calling UPS with the tracking number and changing the delivery address. As a seller, I don't think this bothers me because in my experience UPS will confirm who changed the address. I think this is good especially if a dispute should occur via Paypal. If anything goes awry with the delivery, then it's in the buyers hands. If you need to, change the address to a location where you know you can sign for it, ie work.

  4. Unfortunately it's uni that i'm at, not work. I can't have it sent to uni. Do you think I could call them up to have them reattempt delivery at a time more suitable for me?
  5. UPS sucks. They won't reattempt delivery at a time that is convenient to you. All they will offer is to deliver somewhere else or hold the item at the hub for you to pick up. I hate UPS.
  6. Awwwww crap. I'll have to negotiate with a neighbour then... mutter.
  7. In the past, when I wasn't home to sign, I would request delivery on a different day ( when I know I will be home) or to an alternate location where someone will be able to sign.
  8. The different day thing sounds good... it was what I was hoping you could do.

    I've heard "horror" stories about UPS just leaving your package on your porch... I'm kind of wishing they'd do that, it'll save me from having to find a way to get to the depot :sweatdrop:.
  9. I have a special location at my house (outside but "hidden") that I have instructed them to leave items if I am not answering the door. I don't want to wait for it any longer than I have to and they don't want to come back if they don't have to. I did this by logging into UPS and adding special instructions to the delivery. I have the same driver all the time and we have made a deal... Of course if there is signature required there is no getting around that.
  10. well i dispise DHL. They leave anything lying around, for anyone to take. They must feel like.... you were not at your door? well your package was left there anyway!

  11. LOL your avatar made me laugh so hard... I'm not entirely sure why... I mean it makes no sense to me.

    Anyway, I usually hate having things just left there... I completely understand it. But my car has... um... disappeared (long story) so I just can't make it to a depot if it gets sent to one.