how does this work?

  1. Coach - AMANDA VALET KEYFOB I was wondering if I should get this to put on my spare set of keys, and on the other ring put all my extra little cards, but when I just want the keys.. how does it work? Is there something that is dettachable? LOL I've never seen this in person so I don't have a clue! :shame:
  2. i actually JUST bought this yesterday! i had another valet keyring and got this one to replace it.

    you actually unclip one of the rings...hold on, i'll take pics.
  3. thanks kall, your a life saver! I've been staring at the stock photo for the past 10 minutes LOL..
  4. [​IMG]


    it's just a clip that you put that ring on.
  5. I was trying to think about how to explain it, but your photo does a great job of illustrating it, Kallison.
  6. LOL thats how! I feel so stupid, thanks kallison!
  7. no prob! :smile:
  8. I have one. I use my Amanda Valet keyfob as an extender for my demi bags.
  9. ^^^ LOL!! :roflmfao:
    aarti, I thought I was only one who didn't know how to use it!!! :push: :roflmfao:
    Thank you too, kallison!
  10. Yeah...I use that one as an extender...and I have a purple one I got at the outlets I use with my keys...
  11. LOL sandy!
  12. I like all of your keychains! :graucho:

    I have a pink leather one, but I am liking this one more!!
  13. this might be a wierd question...but how long is it - from tip of one ring to the other? I really want a 'small' key clip, and I know they give the measurments but am not sure if they are measuring just the clip of from ring to ring...thank you!
  14. i knew you would! :nuts:
  15. I should have bought another purple keychain ... I am so conflicted on whether to put it on my bag or my keys :roflmfao: