How does this scam work?

  1. So, I often see this scam being run on Ebay:

    One seller selling like 65 Louis Vuitton bags - each the same LOW price (like $65.oo) Each has a stolen photo (different photo for each listing) but all the same wording in the listing.
    Usually starts with "this bag can be worn on the shoulder or the arm" there's a few different ones going around. Often shipping is done by 'EMS'

    These are all done by people with a few FBs (never someone with 0 or thousands).

    So - I'm confused as to how this is done.
    Perhaps this forum actually helped me answer my own question because I'm thinking that these are all accounts that were hacked??
    This is the only way I can see this working because I can't see another connection from these sellers.

    IS that perhaps what it is? Hacked / Stolen accounts?
  2. They are stolen
  3. Well...I think what these people do is steal pictures from the auctions (since it's pretty easy to copy and save a lot of pictures on your computer file). Then they use their generic description of the item. And they wait for someone to buy. When someone does buy they'll use the "bait and switch" method or...maybe not even give the item?
  4. I think it's hacked/stolen accounts.
  5. Multiple accounts or hijacked accounts...
  6. I know they are stolen pics etc. and that the people will never see the bags or anything.
    A few of these go up every day!!!
    I am just wondering - are all these people in on the same scam? But some of them have really good FB so that leads me to think they are hijacked accounts.
    I report these all the time but perhaps I should be reporting them as hijacked accounts ??
  7. Oh, sorry, read your question wrong. It could be either hijacked accounts or multiple accounts (if one closes, they can always use other ones). I don't think all the scammers are on a coalition to get money; I would think that they'd work independently to get what they can gain. Since it's too hard to report hijacked accounts, it'd probably be best to just report the fakes...?