How does this one bag a year policy work? Forgive me if its been asked and answered>

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  1. Can any of you shed light on the "one-birkin, one-kelly" limit a year policy? I have heard different things but here's what I have gleaned:

    General policy is that you cannot buy more than one B and one K a year, in any store in the US, subject to the following exceptions:

    1. Anything that gets put on the showroom doesnt count toward your one a year limit.

    2. Manager has the discretion to sell more than one a year to a customer, if its a good customer, no sorry make that - great customer, or if they are slow on sales that month, or if its one that they have blown through the request list and no one has claimed.

    3. Not clear whether special orders apply to the limit, but the weight of authority says yes.

    If any of you can confirm, correct, expand or clarify, please do.

    While this is usually a not a consideration for me, as even one of any Hermes bag a year is an unusual event for me, I just bought a kelly on Saturday in DC (a 32cm retourne gold togo with palladium hardware, like birkingirl's I think) and wonder what this is going to do for my pending wish-list request for a black 28cm. My sales associate was a little ambiguous as to whether this year (inotherwords, December) is possible. No, I am not a GREAT customer, merely a GOOD customer - I am no Posh Spice to be sure - Old Spice maybe?) but I suppose, there are the other factors in #2.
  2. My SA told me last year it is ONE BAG (does not matter if it is kelly or birkin or bolide or other bag) per person per year since we had to put a birkin bag in my hubby's card last year.

    However, I have purchased 5 bags total this year from NYC, Toronto, Singapore and Honolulu and so far no one has said anything yet. May be lucky next month and will pick up another one - heh!
  3. Here's my understanding and my experience, so someone else may have something totally different to say:
    -You can buy any bag you see on the salesfloor at any time, regardless of how many you already own.
    -Ordering is totally different for each person. It is up to the SAs to decide who gets that privilege. They order at "Podium" every Feb. and July, and that's when they do mass ordering/requesting. Most SAs will allow one Birkin and Kelly at each Podium, so if you do a Birkin at each, then that's already 2 Birkins in one year that one can order. Special orders are done outside Podium time, and there is a quota for each store, but for that quota, it's totally up to the manager (sometimes, the SAs get a say in it, too). He/she can give all the special orders to 1 single customer, if they want. I don't believe you have to be like Posh to get to special order. I've heard of customers who've spent only a couple thousand at a store, but their SAs really liked them, so they were allowed to be a part of those SAs "quota" for the Podium/special order.