How does this look?

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  1. This is a plain leather bag. It's supposedly lamb leather and super cheap (on sale right now). I've never seen it in person before, but from the picture, I kinda like how it looks. The one in the pic is a dark purple. I'm thinking about either getting this one or a black one.....

    What do you guys think? Yes/No? Purple/Black?

  2. looks nice for an everyday use.
  3. It looks good. It's not WOW, but as divina said it's good for everyday use.
  4. hmmmm, honestly, not too sold on this bag:suspiciou
  5. however, if you like should go for it.....there is a spectrum for personal preferences:biggrin:
  6. I agree if you love it get it! My preference would be a Gerard Darel.
  7. Hmmmm....not really sure if I love's not bad - considering the price, and the dark colour would be practical since most of my bags are either white or bright.....

    ...but then again, maybe I should save money for a black or mocha epi speedy 25 instead? :nuts:
  8. Ohhhhh, black epi speedy 25 has my vote! It is a beauty:love:

  9. It's okay.
  10. It's a nice bag, but I'd save for the black epi!
  11. Not loving it .... sorry ...
  12. It's ok........
  13. I like it, it's kind of cute !
  14. It's a good "basic" purse. Depends on what you're looking for... It doesn't blow you away, but if you want a "regular" purse go for it. Just don't get it b/c it's a great deal.

    The purple would be a nice color though.
  15. Thanks for everyone's input....


    ....I've decided to save money for my first LV instead!!!!

    I'm gonna get myself an epi speedy!!!! :love: